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5 Important Reasons Why Automated Ticketing System is Good for Customer Service

5 Important Reasons Why Automated Ticketing System is Good for Customer Service

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For better business growth, you must beat competitors by offering the best customer service. One way to do this is to use an automated ticketing system.

This allows you to boost your customer service by using service-level agreements (SLAs), time triggers, event triggers, and canned responses. As a result, you will boost your profits.

In this blog, I will take you through the basics of an automated ticketing system that are vital to provide good customer service.

Automated Ticketing System

The downside of manual ticketing system

In manual ticketing system, tickets are assigned through the manual selection of an agent to solve an issue. This is slow and prone to errors. For instance, you can assign a ticket to the wrong agent or group.

Also, an assigned agent may forget to solve the customer’s query. To overcome these issues, you should move to an automated ticketing software.

What is an automated ticketing system?

This is when you automate the process of assigning tickets to the right agents or groups based on their skills and experience. This automated ticketing system allows you to track all your support tickets in one place.

Your support agents can address tickets without having to search for and assign tickets on their own. Companies that receive a large volume of customer issues benefit greatly from automated ticketing software that automatically create tickets.

Time can be saved, expenses can be reduced, and agents can focus on more urgent tasks. Automation rules are used to perform repeated ticket-related actions and you can get more details about auto-assignment rules from here.

auto assignment feature in automated ticketing system
Auto Assignment

How does an automated ticketing software work?

For customer satisfaction, a good automated ticketing software is required to meet the needs of all customers. Choosing the best ticketing software for your business can significantly impact the efficiency of your customer service. Automated ticketing system makes it easy to achieve high customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Routes new tickets to a specific team or group based on properties.
  • Follows your workflow.
  • Sends updates to a specified user with an attached message.
  • Changes ticket priority based on the customer.
  • Adds replies and notes to tickets.
  • Updates ticket properties like worklog, ticket cc, and ticket category automatically.
  • Triggers time-based actions and updates.
  • Handles each ticket’s feedback and resolution times.
  • Maps tickets to define customer expectations of SLA metric targets.

Reasons why you should use automated ticketing system in customer service

Let’s look at the following key roles that automated ticketing can play in your customer service:

1. Better workflow management for the support team

An automated customer service ticketing system helps your business deliver an accurate SLA to customers. An SLA defines how all tickets will be handled. Automated ticketing ensures that all your tickets are assigned speedily and equally to your support team.

Workflow of Automated Ticketing System
Automated Ticketing System Workflow

When ticket assignment is automatic across the support team with equal distribution, your team delivers a satisfactory level of service to your customers. Since automated ticketing gives support agents a proportional share of work, customers won’t be left waiting for solutions.

Customers will be satisfied, continue their business with you, and may even expand it. The rank of your customer support will grow, and you will attract new customers.

2. Reduce ticket response and resolution times

Automated ticketing, through event and time triggers, directly assigns tickets to agents based on your support workflow. Therefore, when ticket assignment is smooth, agents commit their time to solve the issues.

time trigger in automated ticketing system
Time Trigger

With an automated ticket software, the agents will be notified of the expected tickets responses and resolution times. Therefore, resolving the issues fast and timely.

Ultimately, there is a decrease in pending tickets and response times, thus improving customer service.

Automated ticketing system also helps check agents’ success by allowing follow ups on each ticket.

After resolving issues, you can review them and their resolution, and provide feedback to the assigned agents. This allows better coaching for agents, which improves support outcomes and boosts customers’ satisfaction.

3. Enhance customer support

Approximately 86% of service teams report that the presence of a helpdesk system enhances their productivity levels.

Automated ticketing software helps you improve your customer support through event trigger automation. This feature enables the system to perform an action when certain conditions in a ticket or email are met.

Customer Support

By automatically handling tickets and emails at certain action points, your agents can address your customers’ issues at the right time without delay.

When agents respond at once to inquiries, your support team’s highly responsive nature becomes an asset to your customers, your business, and your business’s name.

4. Reduce time spent on common queries

When an automated ticket system supports canned responses (BoldDesk does!), your agents can communicate with customers quickly and easily.

use canned response feature
Canned Response

Canned responses are pre-written templates that address common customer questions. With just a few clicks, an agent can supply a thorough response to a customer and move on to more pressing tickets. Moreover, with quick response times, customer-agent relationships thrive.

For more on how to use canned responses to improve customer service, read this blog.

5. Foster a healthy work environment

By using an automated support ticketing system, your company’s help desk gets a tidy, smooth workflow that reduces the time agents spend on tasks. This relieves the pressure imposed on agents by overhead tasks like ticket management.

A healthy work environment, therefore, lets agents focus on delivering better customer service.

Foster a healthy work environment using automated ticketing system
Healthy Work Environment

Benefits of automated ticketing system in customer service

Follows the rules set by your automated ticketing software to deliver a smooth and easy workflow.

  • Works 24×7 to assign tickets, regardless of time zone differences with your customers.
  • Largely eliminates repeated responses, therefore breaking the monotony of sending similar responses to customers.
  • Assigns tickets to agents based on their knowledge and experience.
  • Distributes tickets evenly to ensure equal workloads across agents and teams.


In summary, good customer service is key to your company’s fame and growth. The right automated ticketing system helps you top your competitors by putting the best support features in your hands so that you can deliver good customer service.

Book a live demo to witness how BoldDesk can help you improve your customer service efforts. You can start a 15-day free trial on BoldDesk. For more information, contact BoldDesk support.

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Level Up Your Customer Support with BoldDesk

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    Increase agent productivity by 3x

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    Increase customer satisfaction level to 92%

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