Multilingual Help Desk

Bridge language barriers, enhance communication, and delight customers worldwide using BoldDesk.

What are the advantages of a multilingual help desk?

Multilingual support enables companies to reach a global audience and effectively address customer needs. Creating a self-service portal in multiple languages will enable your customers to easily find solutions, enhancing their search experience and optimizing your support process.

Multilingual knowledge base

A multilingual knowledge base empowers you to deliver efficient customer service across the globe in your clients’ languages.

Multilingual customer portal

With the multilingual feature enabled, a customer portal can offer extensive localization support, allowing users to specify their preferred language in their profiles.

Multilingual agent portal

Localization is widely supported across various sections of the agent portal. Agents have the flexibility to adjust their language preferences within their profiles.

Multilingual support for form fields

To cater to a diverse audience, field names within a website can be localized to accommodate multiple languages. This localization extends to system fields, custom field names, status, priority, and drop-down option values.

Multilingual email templates

Email notification templates can be configured to accommodate various languages, allowing for personalized templates to be created for each specific language.

Multilingual satisfaction surveys

To cater to a wide range of users, customer satisfaction surveys can be configured to accommodate multiple languages.

Supported languages

BoldDesk currently offers support for seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Czech. Additional language support will be introduced soon.

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