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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey

A customer satisfaction (CSAT) score helps determine the satisfaction level of the service or product you provided to your customers.

What is customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys?

A CSAT survey is a tool used to measure how satisfied customers are with a product, service, or company. By obtaining your company’s CSAT score and taking steps to improve it, you can increase customer satisfaction and thus loyalty.

CSAT is calculated as follows:

Customer satisfaction score = (Positive rating/Total survey responses) * 100

Benefits of measuring CSAT

By measuring customer satisfaction, you can learn how happy your customers are with different aspects of your company and its offerings. The following are some significant advantages of assessing CSAT:

Customize rating scales

BoldDesk lets you send CSAT surveys automatically after your customers use your support system. You can find out how well your support team and tools are meeting the needs of your clients. BoldDesk allows you to tailor these CSAT surveys according to your needs. The customization options are:

Customize when to ask for feedback

Support leads can determine when to request feedback on a support ticket from customers. They can embed a rating request into emails for:

Every reply

Incorporates a rating section in emails for each response provided by an agent.

Specific status change

Includes a rating section in emails when a specific status is changed.

How can the CSAT feedback be submitted?

With BoldDesk, the rating section will be appended to the emails sent to customers. Customers can click on the feedback scale, which opens a new browser where they can submit their rating. If you choose to ask for them, customers can also provide additional comments.

Expedite actions through automation

When a customer submits any kind of feedback, you can have an automated thank you email sent to the customer. Upon receiving negative feedback, the following actions can be automated to expedite the resolution process:

Adjusting the ticket’s priority to high.

Sending a notification to the escalation team and support lead.

Directing the ticket to the tier-2 support staff.

Monitor customer satisfaction

You can review CSAT scores, survey response rates, and customer sentiments in reports. BoldDesk lets you create reports from this information and review all feedback from all support channels in one place.


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