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Trouble Ticketing Software

Customer service tool to track, organize, and resolve tickets from a centralized location.

What is trouble ticketing software?

Trouble tickets are issues or queries your customers have about the services or products they are using. A trouble ticketing system is a customer service tool for handling the full ticket lifecycle, from the creation of tickets to receiving customer feedback about the provided resolutions.

The following issues are handled by trouble ticket software:

Features for the best trouble ticketing software

An intuitive interface that can be customized and extended

BoldDesk provides a user-friendly interface for users to submit tickets or queries and collaborate with support teams to resolve their queries faster. Custom apps and third-party integration bring more context to the issue, which helps resolve it more efficiently.

An Intuitive Interface
omni-multi channel ticketing

Multichannel support that lets customers create tickets in their preferred way

A customer can send an email to your support inbox to create a ticket and can reply to the ticket via email without ever logging into the support portal. Or, a customer can create a ticket from the application they are working in through an embedded support widget. BoldDesk supports the following channels:

Tickets from multiple channels are tracked by support agents in a centralized location.

Expandable ticket forms to include as much information as needed

Ticket fields can vary based on the nature of the problem. Custom fields allow you to record nearly anything relevant to the ticket. BoldDesk supports the field types text, dropdown, numeric, checkbox, radio button, and others. It supports custom fields in the following modules:

Field display conditions show or hide fields based on the state of the parent fields, customizing the ticket creation form on the fly.

Expandable ticket form
Automated workflow for improved

Automated workflows for improved agent productivity

By automating most of the heavy lifting in support using workflow automation, agents can focus on addressing customers’ tickets. Workflow automation in BoldDesk watches all the events that happen in the ticket lifecycle and performs the following tasks:

Custom SLAs that direct support timelines

An SLA (service-level agreement) establishes response times and resolution dates for tickets. Setting one or more up in BoldDesk is easy. Its main benefits are:

Custom SLAs That direct support timelines
Enhancements for team collaboration

Enhancements for team collaboration

The following BoldDesk features improve team collaboration:

Feedback at every step to gauge customer happiness

BoldDesk aids in evaluating customers’ satisfaction (CSAT) in the resolution of their issues. Customers can provide feedback for every reply or at the resolution of an issue, which helps agents know what the customer feels about the provided service and helps them find ways to improve its overall quality.

Making your customers happy improves customer retention.

Feedback at every step to gauge customer
Live dashboard and report that

Live dashboards and reports that improve decision-making

You can use the following reports and dashboards built into BoldDesk to gather insightful real-time data and make informed decisions about improving service:


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