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Email Ticketing System

A reliable email ticketing system is crucial for managing customer support emails efficiently. Our email help desk software provides a simple yet effective solution.

What is an email ticketing system?

An email ticketing system is a tool that converts incoming customer support inquiries sent via email into tickets and compiles them in a centralized inbox to enable support agents to track, manage, and resolve them efficiently.

Why you need BoldDesk email ticketing software

An Email Ticketing System is a software tool that automates customer inquiry management through email. It saves time, improves tracking, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Automatically convert email to ticket

Incoming customer emails are automatically converted into support tickets, so your team can quickly respond to customer inquiries and track their progress.

Modern and intuitive UI

A modern and intuitive user interface (UI) makes it easy for support agents to manage tickets, streamline workflows, and quickly access important customer information.

Spam-free email

You can prevent spam and automated emails out of your inbox by using our built-in spam detectors. Control who can send you emails by using the settings to restrict and whitelist particular email addresses and domains.

Organize customer information in one place

An email ticketing system allows you to consolidate customer information in one place, making it easy for agents to access customer history, order details, and other important data when resolving customer issues.

No more missed emails with auto assignments

Ensure that every email is handled by the right person with our easy-to-use auto-assignment rules. No more missed emails! You can track progress and keep everyone in the loop by including team members in the assignee and watcher lists.

Auto assignments mean no more missed emails
Powerful automations save time

Save time with powerful automations

Powerful automation allows you to streamline a variety of tasks, such as

Automatic responses

Easily Provide Fast and Appropriate Automated Email Replies to Your Clients with Our No-Code Automation Solution

Setup custom workflows

By using automation rules, you can create a workflow that triggers specific actions once certain conditions are met. The properties of tickets, requesters, and contact groups can be incorporated into the workflow

Setup SLAs

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow you to specify the response and resolution time for a ticket based on parameters such as priority and customer category, ensuring the satisfaction of your premium clients.

Email collaboration made easy

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members using BoldDesk’s private notes and private tickets feature. With everything in one place, there’s no risk of missing emails or juggling multiple responses. Stay organized and streamline your customer support operations with BoldDesk.

Made easy with Email collaboration
Multilingual email with templates

Multilingual email templates

Multilingual email templates are a great way to reach a wider audience with your customer service . By translating your email content into multiple languages, you can ensure that your message is seen and understood by people all over the world.

Enhance your customer support with self-service solutions

Allow your customers to help themselves with BoldDesk’s self-service solutions. Customers can easily access frequently asked questions, knowledge base articles, and tutorials, reducing the need for direct support.

Internal knowledge base

Share company policies, project and product details, or internal documentation regarding users and teams with authorized users through a secure knowledge base. 

Powerful article editor

With a simple yet powerful visual editor, creating and editing help articles is now easier than ever.

Easy-to-navigate categories

Find the answers you need quickly with our intuitive category system.

Stay informed with our built-in reports

Use the built-in reports and dashboard to provide meaningful, real-time data to assist you in making informed decisions about enhancing customer service.

Stay informed with our built-in reports

Key features


Easily manage all of your support requests in one place, route them to the right agents, and customize the support creation forms to fit your needs.

Custom email templates

Create dynamic, customized email notification templates to ensure a consistent and professional response across your system.

Seamless integrations

BoldDesk seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools and apps, streamlining your workflow, reducing data clutter, and increasing productivity.

Analytics and reports

Make informed decisions about your customer service with real-time data and insightful reports available on the built-in dashboard.


Secure your outbound emails with DKIM keys and protect your inbound emails with robust spam controls and email blocklist features to safeguard your business.

Task management

The Activity module allows you to create tasks, calls, and meetings. These activities can be linked to a ticket or contact, or they can stand alone.

The 15 best email ticketing systems for customer support in 2024

Choosing the right system for your business to handle your support emails determines how good your customer service will be. Here are the best email ticketing systems in the market.


It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.

Pricing plans

Agent Based: Starts from $10 for 3 agents/month

Unlimited Agents: Starts from $499/month


Key features

Pricing plans

Support Team: $19 per agent/month

Support Professional: $55 per agent/month

Support Enterprise: $115 per agent/month

Free trial period: 14 Days


Key features

FreshDesk’s main features include the following:

Pricing plans

Free plan: $0 per agent/month (For up to 10 support agents)

Growth plan: $15 per agent/month

Pro: $49 per agent/month

Enterprise plan:  $79 per agent/month

Free trial period: 21 days


Key features

The following are the main features in HelpScout.

Pricing plans

Standard: $20 per agent/month

Plus: $40 per agent/month

Pro: $65 per agent/month

Free trial period: 15 days


Key features

Pricing plans

Basic: $12 per user/month

Pro: $20 per user/month

Unlimited users: $495 per month

Free trial: 14 days


Key features

Pricing plans

Freelancer: $29 / month

Startup: $69 / month

Company: $129 / month

Enterprise: $199 / month

Free trial period: 21 days

Zoho Desk

Key features

Pricing plans

Free: Forever. Has limited features. Supports up to 3 agents

Standard: $12 per user/month

Professional: $20 per user/month

Enterprise: $35 per user/month

Free trial period: 15 days


Key features

The following are the main features of the ProProfs ticketing system.

Pricing plans

$20 per agent/month

Free trial period: 15 days


Key features

Pricing plans

Ticket: $15/agent/month

Ticket + Chat: $29/agent/month

All-Inclusive: $49/agent/month

Free trial period: 14 days


Key features

Pricing plans

Lite: $19 per user per month

Pro: $49 per user per month

Elite: $69 per user per month

Free trial period: 7 days


Key features

Intercom pricing plans

Start: $39/month (includes 1 seat)

Grow: $99/month (includes 5 seats)

Accelerate: $499/month (includes 10 seats)

Scale: $999/month (includes 10 seats)

Free trial period: 14 days

Hubspot Service Hub

Key features

Pricing plans

Free plans: Has limited features. You can upgrade.

Starter: $45 per user/month

Professional: $450 per user/month

Enterprise: $1200 per user/month

Free trial period: N/A


Key features

Pricing plans

Mighty: $29 per user/month

Fantastic: $49 per user/month

Enterprise: $69 per user/month

Enterprise Plus: $89 per user/month

Free trial period: 14 days


Key features

Pricing plans

Starter: $19 per seat/month

Growth: $59 per seat/month

Scale: $99 per seat/month

Premier: $229 per seat/month

Free trial period: 7 days

SolarWinds Service Desk

Key features

SolarWinds pricing plans

Team: $19/agent/month

Business: $39/agent/month

Professional: $69/agent/month

Enterprise $89/agent/month

Free Trial period: 30 days

Comparison of the best email support ticket systems of 2024

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