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Security and Compliance

At BoldDesk, we do everything to make sure your data is always safe with us. You probably came here because you have questions, so let’s answer the important ones.

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SOC 2 Type 2

GDPR Compliant

Datacenter Security

Software Security

Payment Security

Encrypted Transmission

Vulnerability Scans

Penetration Testing

Privacy and GDPR

Monitoring and Alerting

Backup and Availability


Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy

To protect your customers’ data, security systems control access to your entire organization and secure your data at multiple levels. Encryption, audit logs, IP restrictions, and SSO are features that can help you protect your data and restrict access to only authorized users.

Single sign-on with BoldDesk allows users to log in and access their help desk account with a single set of credentials by using systems such as Office 365, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID.

IP restrictions allow you to limit the IP addresses from which your organization can access the help desk.

Create password policies to enforce secure, strong passwords; frequent password rotation; and password expiration to fit your security standards and policies.

Accept or reject emails received from specific senders and domains. Emails on the blocklist are blocked and are not routed to spam.

DKIM signatures notify the recipient that an email is sent from an authorized domain.

Audit logs contain information about specific events or operations, such as access, change details, who performed an action, and so on.


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