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Mobile Help Desk

BoldDesk for Mobile Anywhere, Anytime

A help desk in your pocket! With the BoldDesk mobile help desk app, you can serve your customers from anywhere.


With BoldDesk mobile you can

Keep up to date

With a mobile help desk, you can receive notifications on your phone, access tickets, and respond to client inquiries at any time.

Boost response time

Even if you are not at your desk, you should respond to customers. Customers who receive prompt responses are more likely to be satisfied.

Work from any location

Your staff may access and update tickets from anywhere, whether they work remotely, in an office, or on-site.

Productivity features

With grid and table layouts, the ticket list page is designed to be modern, user-friendly, and intuitive.

Ticket views

Use robust, advanced search filters to locate tickets (including custom fields).

Canned response

Respond to tickets quickly with frequently used saved response templates.

Private notes

Private notes enable agents to collaborate with teams for internal communication that is not visible to customers.

Ticket layout view

The ticket layout view allows users to customize and visualize the ticket listing.

Clone tickets

Cloning a ticket allows you to create a duplicate ticket by copying ticket metadata information from an existing ticket.

Spam tickets

BoldDesk can automatically identify spam emails and move them to a separate view for further review.

Save ticket

Save tickets or messages for future use.

Edit message

Correct any mistake in the message updated to the customer.

Delete message

Delete public messages associated with a ticket update.

Ticket links

Using the link ticket feature, you can link a ticket with another ticket. Use this feature to link related or child tickets to split larger tickets.

Related ticket

Connect tickets that are related.

Parent-child ticketing

Connect child and parent tickets.

Related contacts

Link related contacts to a ticket for internal reference.

Web links

Link external web URLs to a ticket.

Ticket insights

Several metrics related to a ticket can be viewed in the ticket’s insights section.

Ticket insights

Ticket activity

Record any changes done in ticket activity. Using the Ticket History tab, you can view change logs for auditing.

Field logs

Field value changes are recorded.

Automation logs

Changes brought about by automation.

SLA logs

Alterations in response and resolution due dates and SLA breach logs.

Time tracking

Agents can record the amount of time they spend on each ticket.

Billable and non-billable hours can be recorded.

A Worklog report is available in the reports module and allows to view consolidated logs of agent time spent.

Time tracking


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