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Our Story: How & Why We Built BoldDesk

Syncfusion, the company behind BoldDesk, has been helping developers worldwide build powerful line-of-business software for over 22 years. Our flagship component suite, Essential Studio, includes over 1,800 UI (user interface) widgets and frameworks that help reduce time and complexity when developing mobile, web, and desktop applications.   

BoldDesk isn’t just another product. It is the result of more than 20 years of customer service experience.

Our Support Experience

Over the past two decades, we have learned quite a bit about providing an optimal support experience on a global scale for complex use cases. Our support system is backed by software systems that track every detail accurately. This lets customers know we care, not just with words in a support policy, but in actual practice, day after day, year after year. 

What inspired the creation of BoldDesk?

For over 20 years, we’ve met the challenge of supporting hundreds of thousands of customers. To do that, we needed a help desk that would support a growing line of products and work globally at five offices across three continents, so we developed Direct-Trac—our in-house ticket management software. 

It worked so well that our customers began asking us to provide one for their own use. 

Their main requirements were that the help desk be highly customizable and capable of supporting multiple brands. It needed to have a scalable cloud backend, a powerful ticket form, a workflow automation process, and numerous customizations—few help desks on the market had the functionality to be fully customized, yet they were still expensive.  

We took our two decades of experience operating a support system, applying what worked and what didn’t, and we built a worldclass, customizable, scalable help desk: BoldDesk. And by harnessing the UI power our Essential Studio, we created a user experience that is the best in the world. 

First employing BoldDesk internally as our own support system, replacing Direct-Trac, we were so pleased that we decided to make it available to our customers.


After developing the initial version, we deployed several tenants for various internal use cases. We validated the performance and usability of the features, fixed several bugs, and waited a few months for the product to be fieldtested. Finally, when everything was good, we decided to publicly launch BoldDesk to provide our valuable customers with a delightful user experience to try and use for their own support system. 

MAY 2021

BoldDesk is first deployed for Syncfusion’s internal IT support.

JUN 2021

Our new digital-signing SaaS product, BoldSign, began using BoldDesk to handle support.

JULY 2021

BoldDesk is deployed further for Syncfusion operations support (HR, Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Facilities).

AUG 2021

Our Bold line of products (Bold BI and BoldReports) began using BoldDesk for customer support, migrating older tickets from Direct-Trac.

NOV 2021

We migrated over 350,000 Essential Studio support tickets into BoldDesk. The deployment was a huge success!

APR 2022

We publicly launched BoldDesk, making it available to our customers.

With BoldDesk, you’ll deliver world-class support, delight your agents and customers alike, and best of all, you’ll do it for a price that will leave you satisfied. Try it today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The difference that BoldDesk made for Syncfusion

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We are happy to have you as part of our journey. Thank you for your time. 


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