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Multilingual Knowledge Base

The Multilingual Knowledge Base helps you provide effective customer service in your clients’ local languages around the world.

Benefits of multilingual knowledge base

The multilingual knowledge base enables you to converse with your customers in their native tongues. This helps you produce, manage, and deliver content in a number of languages so that your users have a tailored and interesting experience. The following are the major advantages of using our help center:

Setup primary and multiple secondary languages

Delivering individualized customer service in different languages is made possible by setting up a primary language and several secondary languages in a knowledge base. Businesses can make sure that consumer service is provided in the language they are accustomed to by letting them choose their preferred language.

Create and translate categories and sections!

Organize your knowledge base by category and section. Grouped related topics help customers find the information they need easily. Translate your categories and sections into multiple languages to make your knowledge base accessible to a wider audience.

Create multilingual articles

Articles can be composed in the primary language and subsequently translated into other languages. With the help of this tool, businesses will reach a wide range of customers and efficiently interact with their audience, regardless of their language proficiency.

Manage article translation

A multilingual knowledge base makes managing article translation easier.

Language-specific article versions & restore options

Versions of articles that are tailored for particular languages allow content customization and adaptation without compromising the accuracy of other language versions. In the event of mistakes or unintentional changes, the restore option offers the possibility of restoring earlier versions.

Enhance article visibility by language-specific SEO

Articles are optimized for search engines in different languages by using language-specific SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This boosts the discoverability of content in niche markets, organic traffic, and the likelihood of successfully reaching the intended audience.

Language-specific article metrics

Article insights is a feature that allows you to track the performance of each language version. This information can help you improve your articles. The following metrics can be tracked for each of your translated articles,


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