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Help Desk Customization

Customize help desk software to tailor it to your business needs.


Customize the help center for each brand to update the logo, login options, ticket layout preferences, and password policies.

Single sign-on

Help customers to log in with a single set of credentials by using SSO systems such as Office 365, OAuth 2.0 providers, and OpenID.
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Domain Mapping

Map your custom domain as part of brand-specific customization.
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Personalize your ticket by changing its layout, view, page count, and sort order.
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Custom ticket fields

Ticket fields

Create custom ticket fields to collect additional information about your support requests, with more than ten field types.

Field display condition

Field display conditions show and hide related fields based on the state of other form fields.

Field dependencies

Use a field dependency to create a parent-child relationship (cascading effect) between two fields.

Customize contact fields

Go beyond the basic information about your customers and companies by using custom fields to add more information tailored to your business's needs.

Contact fields

Create custom contact fields to collect additional information about your customers.

Contact group fields

Create custom contact group fields to collect additional information about a customer’s company.

Custom ticket forms

Customize ticket forms to be brand specific. You can add, remove, or reorder ticket fields in a form with a different form template for each brand.

Customize to your business needs

Tailor the help desk workflow to your business needs.

Custom views

Ticket views create a saved filter that is predefined based on specific criteria. You can share views across the organization or with a group, or keep them private.

Custom agent roles

Create a set of permissions based on agent roles tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Custom statuses

Create custom statuses to manage workflow associated with ticket stages.

Personalize support email

Configure a support email address for users to send emails.

Personalize email templates

Email templates allow you to modify predefined email content.

Custom domain mapping

 Map your custom domain as a part of brand-specific customization.


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