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Help Desk Software for Enterprises Business

Your customer service might be transformed by an enterprise help desk that is fully scalable, flexible, and customized to your needs.

Why BoldDesk enterprise help desk software?

A simple, intuitive, highly scalable, and easy-to-use help desk software for your enterprise business.

Easy to setup

BoldDesk is easy to set up and ultrafast help desk software. Start your customer service with your domain.

Modern intuitive design

BoldDesk is secure, user-friendly, simple to use, and developed using modern tech stacks.

Powerful customization

With a fully customizable help desk, you can keep your brand identity, SSO, custom domain, and customized ticket form with custom ticket fields.

Highly scalable

BoldDesk is a highly scalable multi-brand help desk software. It provides more efficient customer support, which is easy to manage.

Flexible subscription

Explore all the features of BoldDesk free for 15 days. Flexible to change subscription plans at any time. Pricing starts at $8 per agent.

Migration support

Get free assistance when migrating your data to another enterprise help desk.

Features that greatly enhance the support experience

Email based Ticketing

Email based ticketing

Convert all incoming customer support emails into tickets and respond to them via email.

Ticket Categories

Ticket categories

Public Categories are visible to both agents and customers. Private categories are not visible in the customer portal, only private tickets can be created for private categories.

Canned response

Canned response

Respond to tickets quickly with frequently-used saved response templates.

Custom fields

Custom fields

To customize ticket forms, several custom fields are available.



Set up tags to categorize or group tickets based on business workflow.

Email templates

Email templates

Email templates allow you to modify predefined email content.

Multi-Brand Help Desk

Multi-Brand help desk

Multilingual support

Multilingual Helpdesk language

Multilingual help desk

Support your customers all across the world by providing customer service that is translated into multiple languages.

Multilingual Knowledge base

Multilingual knowledge base

Create and manage a multilingual knowledge base to deliver content based on customer’s preferred language.

Task Management

Task management

To improve agent productivity and ticket resolution, break down the steps required to resolve a ticket into smaller tasks.

Automate your repetitive tasks

Auto assignment

Auto assignment

The auto-assignment rule watches incoming tickets and assigns them to a particular agent or group within your company based on the first-matched rule.

Create your own workflow

Create your own workflow

Event-trigger automation performs certain actions when a specified event occurs. Time triggers enable automated rules to perform repeated sets of actions based on the selected criteria every hour.

work schedule

Work schedule

A work schedule defines business hours and holidays for your support team. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets realistic response and resolution due dates based on the business hours.

Setting up SLA

Setting up SLA

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) helps to automatically set the response and resolution times that your support team should provide for a ticket.

Customer satisfaction survey

Effectively collaborate with your internal teams on a ticket by using these features :



Customize the rating scale and text on the feedback rating page.

Negative Feedback action

Negative feedback action

Automate post actions when receiving negative feedback.

CSAT report

CSAT report

Use CSAT reports to keep track of your CSAT scores.

Reports & Analytics

Reports & analytics

Several pre-built reports and dashboards are available.

Enterprise grade level security & privacy

To protect your customers’ data, security systems control access to your entire organization and secure your data at multiple levels. Encryption, audit logs, IP restrictions, and SSO are features that can help you in protecting your data and restricting access to only authorized users.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on with BoldDesk allows users to log in and access their help desk account with a single set of credentials by using SSO systems such as Office 365, OAuth 2.0 providers, and OpenID.

IP restrictions

IP restrictions allow you to limit the IP addresses from which your organization can access the help desk.

Password policies

Create your password policies to enforce secure, strong passwords, password rotation frequency, and password expiration to meet your security standards and policies.

Roles & permissions

Control agents' access to data by giving them certain permissions.

Ticket access scope

Specify an agent’s ticket access level when viewing tickets in the support center.

Brand-based access

Brand access allows you to limit the visibility of the tickets for agents so that they can only access tickets for specific brands.

Whitelist or blacklist senders

Accept or reject the emails received from specific senders and domains. Emails on the blacklist are blocked and are not routed to spam.

DKIM for email

DKIM signatures notify the recipient that an email is sent from an authorized domain.

Audit logs

Audit logs contain information about specific events or operations, such as access, change details, who performed an action, and so on.


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