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Customer Portal Support Software

Customer portal software enables customers to track and send tickets through an easy-to-use interface.

Raise tickets & solve problems

Customer portal software enables customers to track and send tickets through an easy-to-use interface.

Ticket interaction

Create a new ticket or update an existing ticket and track its status.

View cc’d tickets

Customers can view all cc’d tickets under the Cc’d Tickets tab.

Organization-wide tickets

Customers can view all tickets created by their company under the Organization Tickets tab.


Add an external user in the Cc field to notify them of a ticket response.

Customized ticket forms

Portal customization

Customize the customer portal for each brand to update the logo, login options, announcement banner, and password policies.

Retain brand identity

Personalize the support portal with your company logo, brand colors, logins, and general settings.

Domain mapping

Map your custom domain as a part of brand-specific customization.

Announcement banner

An announcement banner lets you publish essential messages for your customers in the customer portal.


Personalize your profile by changing your name, phone number, time zone, and password.

Single sign-on

Help customers log in with a single set of credentials by using SSO systems such as Office 365, OAuth 2.0 providers, and OpenID.

Password policies

Set up advanced password policies to strengthen the customer portal password.

Multilingual support

Multilingual help desk

Support your customers all across the world by providing customer service that is translated into multiple languages.

Multilingual knowledge base

Create and manage a multilingual knowledge base to deliver content based on customer’s preferred language.

Multi-brand customer portal

Multi-brand customer portal

Real-time analytics

Integration with Google Analytics

Enable Google Analytics to track help-center traffic by adding a tracking ID to the help center.

Built-in reports and dashboards

Monitor the current status of support traffic by customer and company using built-in reports and dashboards.


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