Help Desk Software with Unlimited Agents


$199 /month $2,388 billed yearly
$249Save 20%

Includes all the features



$499/month$5,988 billed yearly
$624Save 20%

All Standard features, plus


$999/brand /month$11,988 billed yearly
$1249Save 20%

All Pro features, plus

No of AgentsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tickets Per Year12,000 / year30,000 / year120,000 / year
Ticket Overage$0.15 / ticket$0.10 / ticket$0.05 / ticket
Contacts / End-usersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited


$249 flat fee per month

Includes all the features



$624flat feeper month

All Standard features, plus


$1249per brandper month

All Pro features, plus

No of AgentsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tickets Per Month1,000 / month2,500 / month10,000 / month
Ticket Overage$0.15 / ticket$0.10 / ticket$0.05 / ticket
Contacts / End-usersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited


Free for limited time

Artificial Intelligence (Beta)

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Unlimited Agents

How many agents do you have?



$499 Flat Fee / Month Billed Annually

  • tickiconUnlimited Agents
  • tickiconUnlimited Articles
  • tickiconUnlimited End-users

How many agents do you have?


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Ticket Management

Email to Tickets

Ticket History

Ticket Tags

Message Tags

Canned Responses

Split Tickets

Clone Tickets

Related Tickets

Parent-Child Tickets

Spam Tickets

Suspended Tickets

Deleted Tickets

Private Tickets

Ticket Insights

Ticket Worklog

Edit & Delete Message

Export Tickets

Forward Ticket

Merge Ticket

Lock Ticket

Ticket Sharing

Bulk Edit

Convert Ticket Message to KB

Agent Signature

Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT)

Multilingual Help Desk

Embedded Web Widgets

Embedded Web Forms

Ticket Approvals

Activity/Task Management

Category based Email Support

Attachment File storage

25 GB100 GB 1 TB

Knowledge Base

Public Knowledge Base

Article Comments

SEO for Knowledge Base

Link KB Article in Ticket

Article Advance Filter

Show Popular, Recent, Related Articles

Estimate Read Time

Full Screen Editor

Customer Portal

Print Article

Internal or Private Knowledge Base

Multilingual Knowledge Base

Embeddable KB Widget

Article Template

Import from Word Document

Article Sections (Hierarchy)

Approval Workflow Status

Auto Save in Drafts

Article Versioning & Restore

Tag Management

Article Insights

Article Feedback

Clone Article

Share Article

Automatic Sitemap Generation

Auto Suggest Articles

Insert KB Article in Ticket Response

Article Expiration

Article Status Indicator

Knowledge Base Specific to a Contact Group

Multi-brand Knowledge Base

Automation & AI

Ticket Auto Assignment (round robin)

Event-Based Rules (Create and Update Trigger)

Time Based Rules (Time Trigger)

Number of SLA Rules


SLA Reminder Notification

SLA Escalation Notification

Business Hours and Holidays List


Artificial Intelligence (Beta)



Ticket Custom Fields

Ticket Form Fields

Contact Custom Fields

Contact Group Custom Fields

Field Dependencies

Field Display Condition

Custom Views

Agent Portal Customization

Customer Portal Customization

Custom Status

Custom Agent Roles

Custom Email Template

Customer Management

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Contact Group

Contact Activity History

Contact Group Activity History

Contact Impersonate

Export Contacts

Export Contact Groups

Contact Custom Fields

Contact Group Custom Fields

Merge Contact

Add Contacts to Multiple Contact Groups

Help Desk


Custom Emails (Email to Ticket)


Multi-brand Help Desk

$500 / brand

Multi-brand Knowledge Base

Multi-brand with Custom Domain Mapping

Multi-brand with Custom SSL Certificate


Built-In SSL

Digitally Signed Emails (DKIM) and DMARC

Email SPAM Control

Roles and Permissions

Custom Domain Mapping

Social Login Integration

Single Sign-On (OAuth and OpenID)

Advanced Password Polices

Audit Logs

Custom SSL Support

Dashboard & Reports

Support Monitoring Dashboard

Support Traffic Dashboard

SLA Dashboard

Work Log Report

Ticket Conversation Report

Export Report

CSAT Dashboard

Agent/Group Performance Dashboard

Contact/Contact Group Performance Dashboard


Rest API Rate (Requests per Minute)



3rd Party Integrations




Azure Devops

Microsoft Teams

Shopify integration

Custom Apps

Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive



Email Support - 24X5

Chat Support - 24X5

Migration Assistance *

Frequently Asked Questions

BoldDesk offers a truly unlimited number of agents. There is no need to pay per seat, agent, user, or license.

Support agents are essentially customer service representatives. To use the service, each agent, admin, or manager requires their own license. On any plan, you have the option to add as many agents as you want.

When you reach the ticket limit, ticket overage charges are applicable according to your plan. Additional ticket prices are calculated at the end of your billing cycle and included in your bill for the upcoming month.

Yes, you can delete tickets to reduce the total number of tickets. However, once a ticket has been deleted it cannot be recovered. If you need to maintain your entire ticket history, you should upgrade your plan.

Only currently open tickets are considered for the total ticket count. Closed tickets are not considered for the total ticket count.

Credit card payments are accepted for our subscriptions. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. If your company is unable to pay by credit card, please contact us at to arrange an alternate payment method.

You can change your subscription plan at any time. For upgrades, the change will take effect immediately and will be charged pro-rated. For downgrades, no refunds are available for the unused portion of your plan, so changes will take effect after the current billing cycle.

You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. However, your subscription will remain valid until the end of your billing period.