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Next Gen AI-powered Assistance for Agents

Harness the power of AI in your help desk operations to enhance agent productivity and deliver exceptional customer support.

AI-powered assistance for agents

Summarize ticket

Struggling with providing professional error-free responses?

BoldDesk's AI-powered assistance can solve this problem for you. Agents can write professional, grammatically correct responses to customers using the rephrase or grammar-check features.

Are you facing challenges in providing multilingual customer support?

When customers from different countries submit tickets in their own languages, but you have limited support agents who are fluent in those languages, we have a solution for you.

Introducing BoldDesk's AI-powered translate feature. Agents can now translate content on the fly within BoldDesk and respond to customers in their native languages.

Summarize knowledge base article

The summary feature in knowledge base articles is designed to provide users with concise and condensed summaries of lengthy articles.

SEO attributes suggester for KB articles


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