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Our free Expert Migration service makes it easy to switch from any help desk provider to BoldDesk.

Let us handle the migration for you

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Match with an expert

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We believe in transparency and good value. No need to worry about paying extra every time you add a new member to your team. With BoldDesk, a single flat fee covers an unlimited number of agents.

Grow your Business, Not your Costs

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We'll send you an email with more information about our free migration options and instructions on what to do next after you submit your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free migrations are available only to paid BoldDesk customers.

Nothing! We want to put you up for success, which includes providing you with a free migration.

We complete migrations as quickly as feasible. The timeframe will be determined by the complexity of your migration (as well as our present workload). After you submit your migration request, we will contact you via email to work out an estimate.

If you have any urgency or deadline request, please let us know in your request.

BoldDesk can migrate data such as Tickets, Articles, Tags, End Users or Contacts, and Companies or Contact Groups. Records for the modules mentioned above will retain the date and time of creation, modification, and the user who created them.

Not an issue! We’re here to help you. You can schedule a demo with a product expert team to learn how BoldDesk can help you grow your business.