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Free Help Desk Software for Startups

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Why do you need help desk software for your startup?

As a startup, your primary goal is to gain customer loyalty. Providing a seamless customer support experience is critical. This is where help desk software like BoldDesk comes in handy for performing a wide range of customer support activities. It can:

Omnichannel Ticketing

Omnichannel ticketing

A unified interface through which your agents can handle support requests from multiple sources:

Internal collaboration

Effectively collaborate with your internal teams on a ticket by using these features:

Internal Collaboration

Productivity features

Canned response

Canned responses

Save frequently used responses as templates to respond quickly to frequently asked questions.


Organize and manage your tickets.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters

Use advanced filters to view a subset of tickets and save them as views for future use.

Ticketing sorting

Ticket sorting

Various fields are available to sort tickets based on preferences.

Quick preview

Quick preview

This view allows you to quickly navigate and review tickets.

Quick Actions

Quick actions

Quick actions allows user to edit ticket properties inline.

Contact Module as a Mini CRM

Contact module as a mini CRM


Reports & Analytics

Reports and analytics

Several prebuilt reports and dashboards are included:



We're not done yet!

You might also like these features.

Ticket categorization

Classify tickets for support, sales, marketing, and more.

Ticket linking

Connect tickets using a parent-child relationship, related tickets, or external web links.

Time tracking

Record the amount of time spent on each ticket with the worklog feature.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to ticket forms in order to collect additional information.

Custom domains

Change the portal's support address to support.yourcompany.com by mapping custom domains.

White labelling

Customize the support portal with your company logo, colors, and login options.


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