Internal Help Desk Software for your Organization

Handle your employees’ support requests with an internal help desk software to improve employees’ efficiency and productivity.  

What is an internal help desk?

An internal help desk is a dedicated support system within an organization that assists employees with technology-related issues and requests. It serves as a central point of contact where employees can report problems, seek guidance, or request assistance regarding IT-related matters.

Whether it’s troubleshooting software installations or granting access to new systems, an internal help desk helps handle a wide range of technical concerns for employees to maintain the smooth operation of internal systems and services.

Internal help desk software use cases


Set up your internal departments as categories

You can set up your departments as categories in BoldDesk. Create categories like Network, Hardware & Software, Facilities, HR, Accounts, etc. You can set up multiple support inboxes based on your department and map them to specific categories.

Configure department-specific ticket fields

Configure department-specific ticket fields

You can customize the ticket creation form fields based on the category selected using field display conditions. You can also show or hide fields based on the state of parent fields. Use field dependencies to create a cascading relationship between fields.

Manage employees and their roles and permissions

Manage employees, their roles, and their permissions

You can organize the employees of each department as a group and designate the agents who handle tickets related to that department. A fine-grained roles system helps employees see their tickets or the tickets that belong to their department.

Manage internal workflow

Manage internal workflow

Use auto assignment rules to route tickets to the right group based on the ticket category. The SLA module helps provide a timely response to tickets by sending reminders and escalations. Tags help you initiate the internal workflow between or within departments.

Collaborate with other departments tickets

Collaborate on other departments’ tickets

The share ticket feature helps you collaborate with teams that do not have access to the tickets. When you add an employee’s email to cc, they gain access to the ticket, receive ticket notifications, and can update the ticket.

Evaluates Employees Satisfaction

Evaluate employee satisfaction

BoldDesk aids in evaluating employees’ satisfaction in the resolution of their issues. Users can provide feedback for every reply or at the resolution of an issue.

Manage internal team tickets

Omni Channel System

Multichannel System

Employees can submit their tickets into the multichannel system by email, web portal, and an embedded form.

Multi-brand Helpdesk

You can set up a brand for each internal department and team (HR, network, hardware, and software) to serve the employees better.

Canned Response

Canned responses

You can respond to tickets quickly with frequently used, saved response templates.



Using tags can help you better organize and add context to your support tickets.

Single sign on SSO

Single sign-on (SSO)

Provide a seamless login process between BoldDesk and your internal system using SSO. You can avoid the creation of accounts on multiple sites and the need to remember multiple passwords. 

Embeddable Support Form

Embeddable support form

Embed the support form in your internal applications and let employees create tickets from right there.

Task Management status

Task Management

Task Management status

To improve agent productivity and ticket resolution, break down the steps required to resolve a ticket into smaller tasks.

Improved internal communication

Improved internal communication

Private ticket

A private ticket is not visible to the ticket creators and can only be accessed by support agents. These tickets can be used for internal actions.

Private category

Categories aid in ticket classification: for example, by department. Private categories are not visible in the customer portal.

Private note

Private notes enable agents to collaborate with each other in a ticket for internal communication that is not visible to ticket creators.


Mention agents in a message to alert them when their attention is needed.

Improved internal communication
Auto Assignment

Automate ticket workflow to improve resolution time

Use no-code automation to create customized workflows that perform recurring tasks at each stage of the ticket lifecycle:

Auto Assignment

Route support tickets to a specific department or team using auto-assignment.

Send follow-up messages when there is no activity from the ticket creator for a few days.

Send surveys to the ticket creators to gauge their satisfaction with the support they received.

Send reminders and escalations to the support agent or team to ensure the tickets are updated in a proper timeframe using an SLA.

Provide a priority-based SLA to set resolution timeframes based on the impact of the issue.

Track and optimize your support team performance

Using the built-in reports and dashboard, gather insightful real-time data to make informed decisions about improving service:

Track and optimize your support team performance

A support-monitoring dashboard helps to examine ticket inflow and track pending and overdue tickets.

An SLA dashboard shows the support SLA achievements and breaches.

Employee satisfaction reports show the satisfaction score of the provided support.

Worklog reports track time spent on support tickets by agents.

Extend The Application Using Integration And Developer APIs

Extend the application using integration and developer APIs

Integrate your favorite tools and app with BoldDesk to simplify your workflow, reduce data clutter, and increase your productivity.

Extend The Application Using Integration And Developer APIs
Zapier Integration

With Zapier, you can integrate BoldDesk with 3,000+ of the web’s top tools to automate your work without additional code.

Custom apps

Bring employee data from the internal apps and display it on the ticket sidebar to provide more context.

Developer API and webhook

A powerful API and webhooks let you build a custom workflow for your organization.

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