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Activities and Task Management

Transform the process of resolving a ticket into smaller tasks or activities to boost agent productivity.

Activities or Task Management

What are activities?

Activities are items that can be independent or tied to a ticket or a contact. There are three types of activities:


Resolve a ticket more efficiently by breaking it down into subtasks and assigning them to different agents.


Record a call summary with a customer in the context of a ticket.


Take notes on meetings with customers in the context of a ticket.

What are activities_

Use cases

On-boarding a new employee
Onboarding new employees

Break up onboarding duties, such as assigning a laptop, installing software, holding onboarding meetings, and so on, across multiple tasks and assign them to multiple teams under a primary ticket.

Delegating responsibility
Improving customer service processes

When different teams are working on a single ticket, individual tasks can be allocated to specific people and their statuses can be tracked.

Logging meeting minutes
Logging meeting minutes

When an agent meets with a customer about a ticket, a summary of the conversation can be logged in a meeting activity to increase transparency.



When several teams collaborate on a single ticket, any number of tasks can be added to the ticket and assigned to separate agents.

Features that enhance task module


Record phone calls and track customer interactions to provide context to your teams.



Record meeting minutes and track customer interactions to provide context to your teams.

Activities module

Tickets and activities can be linked. Related activities can be found on a ticket’s Details page under the Activities tab. Activities can be allocated to different agents, rather than the same one, and their statuses can be tracked.

Activities module under ticket

Features that make activity management easier

Quick Preview
Quick preview

Easily navigate and review activities.

Link Items
Link items

Link an action to a ticket or a contact.

Internal collaboration