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Customer Connection: 10 Best Ways to Create It

Customer Connection: 10 Best Ways to Create It

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Customers want more than just solutions to their big problems. They want to feel like they can rely on a company to help them with even small frustrations with their products.

Businesses should invest in customer connections and relationships that go beyond buying and selling.

An emotionally attached customer who is satisfied with their interactions with a company will be loyal to the brand. In this blog, we will learn what customer connection is, its importance, and how to create it.

Customer Connection: 10 Best Ways to Create It

What is customer connection?

Customer connection is a bond that a business creates between its brand and customers when they interact with its products or services.

This can only happen when the business understands its customers.

The connection forms due to an emotional response to the business’s offerings when interactions with employees far exceed their expectations or a combination of both.

Why is connecting with customers important?

To succeed in today’s competitive business world, organizations must create and maintain connections with customers. Customer connection is important for:

  • Increasing customer loyalty: Connecting with customers genuinley fosters a sense of loyalty and builds long-term relationships, resulting in customer retention and reduced churn rates.
  • Make your brand stand out: You can connect with customers when you genuinely engage with them to create that emotional attachment via exceptional customer experience. Purely transactional interactions from most companies makes you stand out from the rest.
  • Creates customer advocacy: When you connect with your customers on an emotion level and make them happy, they will be much more likely to recommend your brand to others through word-of-mouth or social media.
  • Improves brand perception: Positive experiences enhance a brand’s reputation, letting it become known for treating customers well, thus attracting new customers.

How to connect with customers more effectively

You don’t need to wait for customers to come, buy, and go for your business to succeed.

It would be best to find ways to continuously stay connected with customers to ensure you have satisfied their expectations.

You can use the following methods to build a long-lasting relationship that leads to customer loyalty and connection with your brand:

How to connect with customers more effectively
Ways to connect with your customers

1. Know who your customers are

Understanding your customers’ demographics, preferences, and behaviors will help you design your communication to resonate with them.

Additionally, knowing them will help build trust, adding convenience and comfort, which in turn creates a stronger customer connection.

Tips to consider:

Businesses can anticipate needs and strengthen brand-customer connections through:

  • Creating and distributing surveys to gather insights into preferences, satisfaction levels, and pain points.
  • Use of analytics platforms to track customer behavior, website interactions, and purchase history.
  • Studying your competitors’ customer base to identify gaps or opportunities for improvement in your customer experience.

2. Show appreciation to your customers

Your customers feel more connected with your brand when they feel appreciated.

Showing appreciation can encourage your customers to feel warmly about your brand and give feedback more openly because they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.

2.Show appreciation to your customers
A team showing appreciation

Tips to consider:

Appreciation is beyond saying thank you. Let them know that you value their business by:

  • Implement a loyalty program that rewards customers for their repeat purchases or engagement with your business.
  • On their birthdays or the anniversary of their first purchase, send them customized messages or offers.
  • Publicly recognize and express gratitude to loyal customers on your business’s online platforms.
  • Occasionally, catch customers off-guard with unexpected deals, additional products, etc.

Your customers may feel more inclined to engage with a brand that acknowledges their support.

3. Respond quickly to customers’ concerns

Customers appreciate it when their issues are acknowledged and responded to quickly, demonstrating that you care about and value your customers’ experiences.

Research by Emplifi states that, 52% of customers anticipate a response from businesses within an hour, with many even anticipating a response in under five minutes.

Your support agents’ response to your customers’ concerns are an opportunity to connect with those customers.

They can experience your company’s competence and professionalism, but also understand that there are real, relatable people behind it.

Tips to consider:

Responding to your customers requires a thoughtful approach with the help of tools such as:

  • Email ticketing system that helps businesses organize and respond to customers’ emails promptly.
  • Live chat support to offer real-time solutions to customers directly on the website or through digital channels.
  • Help desk functionalities such as a knowledge base or automation features for managing and responding to customer inquiries efficiently.

Quick resolution of issues results in more seamless and satisfying customer interactions, creating a long-lasting impression of professionalism and effectiveness.

4. Exceed your customers’ expectations

Every customer has expectations they believe a brand will meet when engaging with a brand. Businesses should aim to exceed  customer expectations.

This will demonstrate your dedication to your customer’s satisfaction, which will create positive associations for them.

Tips to consider:

Businesses can meet customer expectations by:

  • Setting realistic goals, communicating them clearly to customers, and trying to surpass them.
  • Injecting every interaction with empathy, friendliness, and a willingness to help.
  • Surprising customers with discounts.

5. Actively engage with customers online

It is not enough to only have a social media account; you need to be responsive, engaging actively with your customers in the comments.

5.Actively engage with customers online
Engaging customer online

Tips to consider:

Since so many people spend a lot of time on social media, being where your customers are is a sensible step to build connections with them. You should:

  • Respond promptly to customers’ concerns and inquiries online.
  • Build a community and share relevant content, create user-generated content, and make people engaging on your pages feel a sense of belonging in your community.
  • Note all customer feedback and acknowledge their input.

When you actively engage with your customers online, you will demonstrate accessibility for customers seeking assistance.

6. Have a customer centric-culture

This involves crafting the organization’s values, processes, and modes to prioritize the satisfaction of customers.

In a customer-culture, employees are empowered to take ownership of customer issues and make decisions that prioritize customer satisfaction.

Tips to consider:

Businesses looking to connect with customers should:

  • Make customer satisfaction and success a top priority in every aspect of your business.
  • Improve the customer experience whenever possible.
  • Communicate with customers consistently and transparently across all touchpoints.

7.  Show empathy

Empathy is very important in the creation of customer connection since it enables businesses to understand, relate to, and address the needs and emotions of customers.

Empathy in customer service means employees listen actively to customers and respond to them in a way that acknowledges their feelings.

Tips to consider:

Showing empathy to create customer connection involves:

  • Using language that shows empathy and understanding.
  • Understanding that it is reasonable for customers to feel disappointment, anger, or stress when things go wrong, and expressions of such should be treated with patience instead of taken personally.

Demonstrating empathy and validating customers’ feelings can make them far more cooperative and patient in return.

8. Personalize your marketing efforts

This involves businesses shaping their marketing advertisements, messages, content, or offerings to each set of customers grouped by interests, habits, and demographics, as appropriate for their industry.

According to research by the Harris Poll, 61% of consumers said personalization is a standard expectation for doing business with a brand. And 37% said they would not do business with a company that does not offer a personalized experience.

Tips to consider:

Your marketing can be personalized by:

  • Using your customer’s name in email subject lines, greetings, or promotional materials.
  • Target advertisements, recommendations, and emails based on the recipients’ characteristics or past interactions.
  • Use geolocation data to deliver localized messages or offers to customers based on local events, making your marketing communications more relevant and timelier.

Your personalized marketing will contribute to a more positive and enjoyable customer experience and increase your customer connection.

9. Create a customer community

By bringing customers together who share the brand’s values and each other’s interests, businesses can create a feeling of belonging among them.

Customer communities facilitate engagement and interaction among members, allowing them to connect, share experiences, ask questions, and offer support.

Tips to consider:

  • Choose a platform or a channel that aligns with your audience’s preferences.
  • Provide valuable and engaging content that encourages participation and interaction within the community.
  • Offer resources, tools, and support to help community members succeed, but also give them forums where they can give each other advice.

10. Ask for and act on feedback

Customer feedback is not just about gathering information but building meaningful connections with your customers and understanding their needs.

When your customers give their feedback, ensure that it is relayed to the appropriate department for serious consideration.

If reasonable, you act on the feedback and let the customers know you have. This shows that you value their opinions and want to improve their experience.

Tips to consider:

You will be creating a lasting relationship based on mutual respect and understanding by:

  • Engaging with customers who provide feedback, both positive and negative, to show that you value their input.
  • Arranging interviews or focus groups with select customers to delve deeper into their experiences to get more detailed insight into changes they’d like to see.
  • Personalizing follow-up emails or phone calls to show customers that their opinions are valued and appreciated.

Customer connection for business success

Businesses that prioritize customer connection are better positioned to succeed in the long term.

They benefit from increased customer loyalty, higher retention, and a positive reputation. Let’s remain committed to building genuine, lasting connections with our customers, ensuring mutual success and growth.

Use BoldDesk to provide your customers with improved customer support and service.

Experience it firsthand with a free trial or schedule a live demo for a guide through what BoldDesk can do for your support team.

Our dedicated customer support team is ready to provide further assistance every step of the way.

Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below. We welcome your feedback and look forward to speaking with you!

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    Increase agent productivity by 3x

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    Increase customer satisfaction level to 92%

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