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Automated Ticketing System for Customer Service

Automated Ticketing System for Customer Service

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Automated Ticketing System

For effective business growth, your business must outshine competitors by offering exceptional customer service. To offer exceptional customer service, you need to automate your ticket routing system. An automated ticket routing system allows you to elevate your customer service by using features such as SLAs, time triggers, event triggers, and canned responses. As a result of improved customer service, you will increase your profit margins. In this blog, I will take you through the essentials of an automated ticketing system for supplying stellar customer service.

The downside of manual ticket routing

In manual ticket routing, ticket assignment is done manually by identifying the right person to resolve the issue. It is time-consuming and has some other problems too. You can mistakenly assign a ticket to the wrong agent group or sometimes a particular agent may forget to resolve the customer query. To overcome these issues, you should move to an automated ticketing system.

What is an automated ticketing system?

Using automated ticket routing, tickets are automatically assigned to the appropriate agents or groups that are categorized based on their qualifications, experience, or knowledge. An automated ticketing system that allows you to track all of your support tickets in one location makes this possible.

Your customer service agents can start to resolve customer queries without searching and assigning tickets themselves. Businesses that frequently get a large volume of consumer inquiries or requests benefit greatly from this capability. Time can be saved, expenses reduced, and agents can concentrate on more important problems.

How does an automated ticketing system work?

For sufficient customer satisfaction, a robust helpdesk is needed to meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, automated ticketing routing makes it easier to achieve high customer satisfaction by:

  • Routing incoming tickets to a specific team or group based on ticket attributes.
  • Following your workflow.
  • Sending notifications to a specified user with an attached message.
  • Changing ticket priority based on the customer.
  • Adding replies and notes to tickets.
  • Updating a property and receiving customer feedback.
  • Triggering time-based actions and notifications.
  • Configuring each ticket’s response and resolution time.
  • Mapping tickets to define the expectation of each SLA metric target.

Benefits of automated ticketing systems in customer service

Let’s have a look at the following key roles that automated ticket routing can play in your customer service:

Effective workflow management for the support team

An automated ticket system empowers your business to offer a precise and exact service level agreement (SLA) to customers. An SLA enables effective planning on how all your tickets are to be handled, while ticket automation ensures that all your tickets are assigned equally to your support team.

By assigning tickets to the right person and with equal distribution, your support team virtually guarantees a uniformly satisfactory level of service to your customers. Since automated ticketing gives no support agents an outsized share of responsibilities, customers will not be left waiting for resolutions. Customers will be satisfied, continue their business with you, and may even expand it. Accordingly, the reputation of your customer support will grow, and you will attract new customers.

Reduce ticket response and resolution times

Automated ticket routing through event and time triggers directly assigns tickets to your agents based on your support workflow. When your ticket infrastructure of assignment is seamless, therefore agents devote their time to solving queries. The support team members can resolve the issues in the allotted time by receiving the notification regarding the response and resolution time. Accordingly, there is a reduction in overall ticket and response time, thus improving customer service productivity.

In addition, an automated ticketing system helps you check agents’ effectiveness by allowing you to follow the progression of each ticket. With this insight, you can intervene when necessary or offer constructive feedback to the agents involved after the resolution of an issue. This allows greater mentoring of agents, consequently improving your support outcomes and boosting your customers’ satisfaction.

Enhance customer support

Automated ticket routing helps you satisfy your agent’s busy through event trigger automation. Event trigger automation enables you to set up your workflow thus executing an action when it satisfies certain conditions of a ticket or email.


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

By automatically handling tickets and emails at certain action points, your agents can address your customers’ inquiries at the right time without procrastinating. By responding at once to inquiries, your support team’s highly responsive comportment become an asset to your customers, your business, and your business’s reputation.

Reduce time spent on common queries

By using an automated ticket system, you can get in touch with your agents and thus helping you communicate to customers quickly and easily. Canned responses are prewritten templates that address common customer questions. With just a few clicks, an agent can supply a thorough response to a customer and move on to more pressing tickets. Moreover, with quick response times, customer-agent relationships thrive.

Provide a healthy work environment

By using automated ticket routing, your company’s help desk gets a tidy, systematic, and sorted workflow that reduces the amount of time agents spend on overhead tasks. In addition, a healthy work environment reduces the amount of time spent on overhead for all agents.


Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

A healthy work environment, therefore, helps agents focus on delivering quality customer service. By offering support in a pinch, your customers are in turn, rest assured that they can rely on you.

Reasons why you should use automated ticketing routing in your customer service

  • Ticket routing automates based on the rules set by your helpdesk. Consequently, this allows for a streamlined and easy workflow.
  • Works 24×7 to assign tickets regardless of time zone differences with your customers.
  • It has minimal or no duplicated responses, therefore, breaking the monotony of sending similar responses to your customers.
  • Fosters internal collaboration by assigning tickets to agents based on their knowledge and experience.
  • Democratizes tickets to ensure even workloads across agents and teams.


In summary, eminent customer service is essential to your company’s reputation and growth. The right help desk software enables you to outshine your competitors by putting enhanced support features in your hands. Subsequently, it empowers you to deliver exceptional customer service.

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Willy Smith
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