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41+ Best Live Chat Script Examples and Templates

41+ Best Live Chat Script Examples and Templates

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Modern day customers anticipate instant replies whenever they contact a company, placing pressure on businesses to provide immediate solutions and cultivate positive customer interactions.

Live chat is an excellent avenue for providing customer support. It’s fast, convenient, and can help support teams meet the expectations of approximately 90% of customers who value instant responses.

However, delivering high-quality, consistent customer experiences via live chat requires more than just real-time availability; it necessitates having the right tools and training as well.

Having a set of well-prepared live chat scripts is a good way to empower agents to handle a wide range of scenarios with confidence and efficiency.

In this blog, we will discuss the crucial role live chat scripts play in promoting positive customer interactions and provide you with live chat templates to assist you in getting started.

41 Best Live chat scripts

What are live chat scripts?

Live chat scripts are pre-written messages that customer service agents use to start conversations or respond quickly to customer requests through a live chat platform.

They can be thought of as ready-to-use templates that help agents maintain a consistent professional tone when interacting with customers.

Live chat templates can be customized to fit a variety of common situations, such as:

  • Greeting customers
  • Handling frequently asked questions
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Guiding customers through processes like placing an order
  • Closing conversations

Practical live chat script examples and templates

Live chat scripts are a highly effective way of equipping your customer support team to provide quick resolutions for customer complaints.

We’ve listed the most common live chat templates that can be modified to suit different customer service settings.

Greeting a customer

Welcome messages are a great way to create a good brand perception. It is important for any opening message to be friendly and welcoming to set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

Live chat scripts-Greeting a customer

Here are a few ways to do that.

Greeting a new customer

1. “Hi, [customer name]! I’m here to help if you need anything.”

2. “Hello. [Agent name] here! How can I help you today?”

3. “Hello, [customer name]! Thank you for contacting [company name]. How can I help?”

4. “Thank you, [customer name] for choosing to chat with us. How can I help you today?”

5. “Hi! Thank you for reaching out to [company name] today! If you have any questions about our [products/services], I’m happy to answer them.”

Greeting a returning customer

6. “Hi [customer name]! It’s nice to see you again. How can I assist you today?”

7. “Welcome back, [customer name]! Please let me know if you need anything else.”

8. “Thank you, [customer name], for visiting us again. What brings you in today?”

Resuming a conversation

9. “Welcome back, [customer name]! Did you want to pick up from where you left off?”

10. “Hi, [customer name]. Thank you for returning to our chat. It appears it was interrupted earlier. Do you wish to pick up where we left off?”

Requesting additional information

On occasion, you might need a customer to provide more information to help you resolve their issue.

This may include details about the product or service they acquired, delivery and billing information, or even credit card details.

Live chat script templates

Here are some live chat examples you can use.

Asking for general information

11. “For us to help you better, we’ll need to collect some additional info. Kindly provide us with the [required details]”

12. “Happy to help with this! Do you mind us verifying some of your information first?”

13. “I’ll need some more information to verify your request.”

Asking for credit card and billing information

14. “To process your order, please provide us with your credit card number, expiration date, and security code.”

15. “Thank you for your interest in our [product/service]. I require your credit card number and billing address to process your order. Could you please share them with me?”

16. “Sure thing! Just to confirm, could you please share the last four digits of your credit card and the expiration date?”

Requesting address or location information

17. “Could you please verify your current residential address?”18. “To assist me in tracking your order, please verify your location.”

19. “Would you mind sharing your billing address?”

Sending proactive messages

Proactive customer service demonstrates your dedication to delivering excellent service by anticipating and addressing potential customer concerns before they occur.

Proactively use live chat scripts to invite customers to chat, particularly on pages where they are likely to encounter difficulties or require additional information.

Live chat examples

Here are a few live chat examples you can use.

20. “Hi! I’m [agent name]. I’m checking in just to make sure you found what you were looking for today. Is there anything I can do to assist?”

21. “Hey [customer name]! We appreciate you using [service name]. We’re happy to help you with any questions you might have.”

22. “Hello. I noticed you’ve been here for a while. Would you like me to take you through our pricing plans?”

23. “Hey there! Just to let you know, if you have trouble finding anything you need, I’m here to help.”

24. “Hello [customer name]! If you are buying our [product or service], you can use the coupon code to get a discount of 20%. This offer is going to expire in two days. Would you mind chatting for more details?”

Transferring customer service requests

87% of customers experience frustration when they have to repeat their concerns multiple times.

When transferring customers to a better-suited agent or department or when guiding customers to the correct department, communicate clearly.

Assure that their issue will be addressed efficiently without the need for repetition.

Live chat templates

You can use the following live chat templates to assure customers that their concerns will be resolved soon.

25. “Your question is better suited for [department name]. I’ll forward your request so you are instantly assisted. Do you mind waiting a moment?”

26. “I can check the general details for you, but for a detailed explanation, our [mention suitable department] will be able to assist you further. Would you like me to transfer you to them?”

27. “Thank you for waiting, [customer name]. It seems you need further assistance. Let me quickly transfer you to the right team.”

28. “Based on the information you’ve provided, I believe [agent name] will be able to resolve your issue fully. Is it okay with you if I transfer you to [agent name]?”

29. “I’m sorry I can’t process your request. However, [agent’s name] specializes in this type of situation and would be glad to assist you. Would you mind if I transfer you to [agent’s name]?”

Apologizing and showing empathy to customers

There are times when your product or service may not meet customer expectations.

You’ll need to use the right message and tone to calm down angry customers, express regret for any inconvenience caused, and affirm your commitment to fixing the situation.

Apologizing live chat example

Here are some live chat scripts you can use:

30. “We’ve run into some technical issues. We’re extremely sorry this affects you. Our technical team is working to resolve the issues. The service will be back within [time frame].”

31. “Thank you for sharing the idea. Unfortunately, the request happens to go beyond the scope of what we can do. May I suggest an alternative solution?”

32. “I truly understand how you feel, and I’m sorry about [customer’s issue]. Let me take care of this for you ASAP.”

33. “We’re sorry. We can’t help you out with that as your request is beyond the scope of our support possibilities.”

34. “I’m so sorry for the [issue], but I have good news. Here’s how we can fix this problem: [solution].”

Thanking the customer for waiting

Customers dislike being put on hold when they are seeking support. It is important to help them feel at ease and express gratitude for their patience as you work toward resolving their issue.

Live chat example

Utilizing the following live chat templates can assist you in accomplishing this.

35. “Sorry for the delay. I am currently looking into your issue, and I will update you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

36. “Hi [customer name], thank you for reaching out. I will need a couple of minutes to examine your request and gather the necessary information. Thank you for your patience; I’ll be with you shortly.”

37. “Hello, [customer name]. Thanks for being patient while I was looking into your request. Your understanding means a lot to us, and I’m now here to assist you further. How may I continue to help you today?”

38. “Good day, [customer name]. I need to check your account details to address this matter accurately. I will need to place you on hold briefly while I review your account information. Thank you very much for your patience; I will be back with you as quickly as I can.”

39. “Hi, [customer name]. I realize this [issue] is frustrating.  I’m going to put you on hold briefly while I explore the best options to assist you. Thank you for your patience and for allowing us the opportunity to make things right.”

Closing the chat conversation

It is important to end the conversation on a positive note to guarantee a lasting positive customer perception.

Thank customers for reaching out. Encourage them to contact you again if they encounter any further issues.

You can use this opportunity to offer a customer feedback survey or provide links to your knowledge base.

Live chat examples for closing the chat

Here are a few examples you can adopt:

40. “Thank you [customer name] for chatting with us today. I hope your issue has been fully resolved. In case you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us again. Have a great day!”41. “There’ll be a brief feedback survey after I close the chat. I’d really appreciate you taking the time to fill it out.”

42. “We’re always happy to help! Kindly take a second to fill out our feedback survey. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

43. “Thank you for chatting with us today. If you encounter any other issues, don’t hesitate to contact us again. You can also try our self-help resources at [insert link]. Have a good day!”

Benefits of using live chat scripts

Incorporating scripted responses into live chat support can yield numerous benefits for both service representatives and customers.

  • Immediate responses: Pre-written responses allow agents to respond quickly to common questions, even during busy periods. This reduces customer wait times and improves satisfaction.
  • Consistent customer experiences: Live chat scripts ensure that customer support agents are delivering the same message and using the right tone. This creates a more professional and consistent customer experience for your brand.
  • Improved customer conversion rates: Live chat scripts can be used to continually provide customers seeking goods or services with timely support and information that can guide them through the purchasing process.
  • Increased customer support efficiency: Pre-written answers can help complete routine tasks, such as collecting customer information or sending standard responses. This frees up agents to handle more complex issues.
  • Reduced stress on customer support agents: By providing accurate, ready answers, live chat scripts help agents feel more confident and prepared when interacting with customers. This reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

Boost customer engagement with top live chat scripts

Typing the same statements over and over can become tedious, especially for customer service agents who engage with many customers daily.

By putting these tips and templates into practice, you’ll be well on your way to providing exceptional live chat experiences that build trust, resolve issues efficiently, and leave your customers feeling valued and understood.

BoldDesk is the best customer engagement tool for delivering personalized communication based on any situation. It will soon introduce its live chat feature with advanced functionalities—the perfect solution for enhancing customer interaction.

Stay tuned to experience these exciting new features coming your way! Schedule a live demo with us to discover other ways BoldDesk can enrich your customer engagement strategy or sign up for a free trial to get instant access today.

Is there a live chat script example we missed? Share your favorite live chat example in the comments section.

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