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BoldDesk Release: November 2023 New Features Update!

BoldDesk Release: November 2023 New Features Update!

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Level Up Your Customer Support with BoldDesk

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We are thrilled to introduce our exciting November product release! The November product release has several new features designed to enhance the user experience and improve productivity.

These features have been developed based on user feedback and industry trends.

In addition to new features, the November product release also includes several improvements to existing functionalities.

These improvements aim to address previous limitations and provide users with a more seamless and efficient experience.

The BoldDesk team has incorporated the following features to elevate your customer support experience.

Ticketing system

The ticketing system has been improved with the following update.

Additional configurations to manage CC field in tickets

Users can now manage the configuration for the CC field at the organizational level. This can be enabled through the general settings in the admin section.

Contact module

The contact module has been updated as follows.

Advanced filters and views support

In the contact module, updates have been made to include advanced filtering support, enabling the module to operate in a manner similar to ticket filtering. These filters can also be saved as views.

Activity module

To enhance the activity module capabilities, the following new features were added.


The activity module now includes support for worklogs. A worklog provides valuable insights that can be used to improve time management, resource allocation, and project planning.

Agent signature support for forward ticket activity

The recent update in forward ticket activity is support for the use of agent signatures, much like in regular tickets.

If an agent replies to a forwarded ticket using a configured signature, it will be automatically loaded.

Webhook support for the activity module

Webhooks now include activity events. This enables the transmission of real-time data from the activity module to external applications.

Reports and analytics

The following feature has been added to the reports module.

Ticket metrics report

The reports module now includes a new report titled Ticket Metrics Report. This report provides a variety of ticket-related metrics in a table format.

Using this report, you will be able to view ticket-related metrics such as:

  • First response achieved
  • First response breached
  • Agent update count
  • Requester update count

Additionally, it comes with advanced filtering and export options.

Underlying data support for stats and chart widgets

All dashboards and reports can now display their underlying data. You can see this data by clicking on a stat or chart, which will prompt a dialog box with the relevant data.

Furthermore, this data can be exported to Excel and used for further analysis.

Knowledge base

The quality of our knowledge base software has been enhanced with the addition of the following new features.

Support for bulk article deletion

We’ve introduced a new feature that allows for bulk deletion of multiple knowledge base articles in one go.

This will significantly reduce the time and effort spent on removing a large number of articles.

Turn auto save option on or off for KB articles

The automatic saving of articles can now be enabled or disabled using the Auto Save toggle button.

When enabled, changes are automatically saved to a draft while an agent edits an article.

Some agents may prefer not to have their changes saved automatically, so they can disable this feature.

Manage knowledge base article tags

This new feature enhances your ability to manage tags on your knowledge base articles.

It allows you to add, edit, delete, and arrange tags, making it easier to categorize and locate articles based on them.


The following functionality has been enhanced to make automation more efficient.

Share ticket action

The automatic sharing of tickets with groups and agents during ticket creation or the updating of events is made possible by the integration of the share ticket feature in the event trigger automation.


These integration updates ensure the smooth functioning of your various software applications.

MS Teams integration

Microsoft Teams now supports a two-way sync integration with BoldDesk. This function enables you to add responses, add notes, and update ticket properties straight from Microsoft Teams.

Shopify integration

You can now cancel and refund orders directly from BoldDesk, thanks to the Shopify integration.

Admin module

The admin module has been updated to improve the user experience.

Setting custom status for agent availability

A new feature has been introduced for adding custom availability statuses. Admins can add new statuses according to their organization’s needs.

This new feature can be found in the agent availability status module within the admin section. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is not available with the Starter or Standard plans.

To control the ability to change statuses, an additional permission has been incorporated into the roles and permissions module.

Import contacts and contact groups in bulk

We have implemented a feature that allows users to import contact and contact group files directly from BoldDesk.

This functionality enables the swift creation of numerous users and contact groups in bulk.

Support for Google Tag Manager ID in customer portal

Users can now integrate the Google Tag Manager ID into the customer portal.

The Google Tag Manager ID enables you to update measurement codes and related code segments swiftly and effortlessly, collectively referred to as tags, on your website or mobile app.

Customize approval module email templates

You can now customize the email templates for the approval module via the email notification module in the admin section.

Article satisfaction rating in embeddable widgets and forms

This new feature allows you to incorporate options for rating article satisfaction within your knowledge base widgets and forms.

This functionality gives users the opportunity to provide feedback on the usefulness and relevance of articles directly within the context of their support interactions.

Apply field display condition using multiselect dropdown field

Previously, ticket fields did not support the inclusion of multiselect fields in field display conditions.

However, now the support for this feature has been provided. Note that only the in operator is supported when using a multiselect field.

Excel export option for admin modules

The following admin modules now have the ability to export data to Excel:

  • Ticket views
  • Groups
  • Agents

Edit names of predefined ticket system views

Admins who have permission to manage views can now also edit the names of default system views.

Mobile application

The following new features and updates have been added to the mobile application.

Switching and adding multiple accounts

The BoldDesk mobile app offers agents the convenience of effortlessly adding and managing multiple organization portals.

It also provides a smooth experience for switching among these accounts without the inconvenience of logging out and logging back in.

Mobile app login


Share tickets

Ticket sharing, which was previously exclusive to the web version of the agent portal, is now also accessible in the mobile app.

Copy web ticket URL

Users can copy the web URL of a ticket to share it with a customer or end user.

Check out these new feature updates!

This November product release, with its new features and improvements, provides users with an enhanced experience and improved productivity.

If you are not yet a BoldDesk customer, contact us to arrange a 30-minute live demo to explore its latest features and see for yourself how it can transform your customer support. Alternatively, register for a 15-day free trial today.

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Level Up Your Customer Support with BoldDesk

  • tickicon

    Increase agent productivity by 3x

  • tickicon

    Increase customer satisfaction level to 92%

  • tickicon

    Decrease response times by 30 minutes

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