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BoldDesk Release Announcement: May 2023 New Features Update!

BoldDesk Release Announcement: May 2023 New Features Update!

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Get ready to experience even higher levels of efficiency and streamlined customer support with the amazing, game-changing new features included in the BoldDesk May feature updates!

Experience powerful, cutting-edge latest features, like:

  • Multilingual help desk
  • Multilingual knowledge base
  • Activity module enhancements
  • New contact dashboard
  • Insights on raw data behind different dashboards
  • Advanced ticket search enhancements
  • Launching soon: Generative AI feature powered by ChatGPT

Let’s learn more about the latest features in BoldDesk!

BoldDesk Feature Updates May Release Image

BoldDesk May release updates

The following feature updates have been added to the BoldDesk product to improve customer support experience.

Multilingual help desk

Customers who don’t speak English can now enjoy BoldDesk with the new support for multiple languages. This multilingual help desk smooths interactions between support agents and clients by allowing them to set up the help desk in their preferred language.

Currently, BoldDesk can be customized to the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Czech

Note: More languages will be supported by BoldDesk in the near future.

Multilanguage help desk
Multiple Languages Support

The multilingual support options have been added to the following features: customer portal, fields and forms, embeddable widgets and forms, email notification templates, and satisfaction surveys.

Multilingual knowledge base

Communication and information sharing in the BoldDesk knowledge base tool has also been elevated with support for multiple languages. Clients can now effectively communicate in their preferred language.

What’s more, content in the knowledge base can now be written in multiple languages. This ensures a personalized and engaging experience for end users.

The key new features of multilingual support in the knowledge base include:

a. Primary and secondary language support

Allows multiple language support in the help center. This enables you to quickly and easily set up your help center in your customers’ preferred languages.

b. Translate categories and sections

Translate the categories and sections in your knowledge base so users with non-English languages can find relevant information fast.

Translate categories and sections
Category and Sections Translations in Knowledge Base

Translating the categories and sections of your knowledge base into multiple languages ensures a wider audience can access your knowledge base.

c. SEO metadata for different languages

Set up SEO metadata like titles and descriptions in an article’s specific language.

SEO metadata for different languages
Set up SEO Metadata in an Article’s Language

d. Article translation status

Track the status of your article translations as either outdated or up to date. This makes it easy for authors to identify which articles require further work to keep clients supplied with current and accurate information.

Article translation status
Status of a Translated Article

e. Keep different article versions and restore options in various languages

Maintain several versions of your articles in various languages. You can restore the articles to previous versions if necessary.

Keep different article versions and restore options in various languages
Maintaining Different Versions of Articles

f. Language-specific history and metrics

Monitor your knowledge base article performance to ensure you optimize your content for better customer service.

Language-specific history and metrics
Insight into Knowledge Base Performance

g. Multilingual tags and search options

Users can search for and tag articles in the help center in multiple languages.

Multilingual tags and search options
Article Search and Tag Options in Multiple Languages

h. Search function improvements

We have improved how search queries are processed and how search results are ranked to make the search function more effective and efficient.

Search function improvements
Improvements in the Search Function

i. Knowledge base access restrictions

Limit who can access and view the knowledge base portal. You can allow either all users or just logged-in users.

Knowledge base access restrictions
Knowledge Base Access Restrictions

New features in activity module

Performing activities within the ticketing system has been made easier with the following new features in the activity module:

  • Attach files and images in comments: More easily share information and collaborate with others
  • Filter activities: Filter activities based on their type, date, and status to find any needed information.
  • Add watchers to activities: Watchers get notifications whenever a new comment is added to an activity.
  • Activity module filter in the global search page: Searching for activities in the global search page to easily find activities relevant to your work.
  • Mention agents in comments: Get the right user’s attention.
  • Clone activities: Create new activities based on those that already exist.
New activity module features
Activity Module Advanced Filters

New Activities tab in contact profile page

A new Activities tab has been added to the contact profile page in BoldDesk. It provides a list of all activities linked to a specific contact so you can quickly view that contact’s recent activities.

New Activities tab in contact profile page
New Activities Tab on Contact Profile Page

New reports and analytics feature: Contact Dashboard

A new Contact Dashboard has been added to the reports and analytics of BoldDesk for visualizing data based on contacts and contact groups.

With this dashboard, you can see statistics about requests, tickets, and SLAs. You can also apply filters to inspect specific data sets.

New reports and analytics feature: Contact Dashboard
Contact Dashboard

Insights into raw data behind different dashboards

You can now view the raw data used to generate charts and graphs for SLA and agent performance dashboards. This gives you a deeper view of your customer service information.

Insights into raw data behind different dashboards
Underlying Data Widget Options in Dashboards

New advanced ticket filter options

To help you find tickets, new fields have been added to the advanced filter in the ticket module.

These new fields include:

  • Last Modified By: Filters tickets based on the last person to modify them.
  • Last Replied By: Filters tickets based on the last person to reply to them.
  • Ticket External Reference ID: Filters tickets using external reference IDs.
  • Not All operator in the Tag field: Excludes all tickets with the specified tags.
  • Multiple selection of the Subject field for keyword filtering: Allows you to search for tickets that have multiple keywords in the subject line.
New advanced ticket filter options
Advanced Ticket Search Filter Options

New generative AI integration coming soon

A new generative AI feature powered by ChatGPT integration will be launching soon! This new feature will have the following exceptional capabilities:

  • Rephrasing
  • Shortening
  • Elaboration
  • Grammar Correction
  • Summarization


With these exciting feature updates to BoldDesk, your customer support operations will thrive! Clients and support agents alike will have incredible experiences with the new features, like the multilanguage support and advanced ticket search options.

With BoldDesk, elevate your support team’s productivity with a highly efficient ticketing system and provide the best customer experience possible with the new features added in this release.

Request a live demo or give these latest features a try with a BoldDesk free trial. Reach out to our BoldDesk support team if you have any questions.

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