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BoldDesk Release Announcement: July 2023 New Features Update!

BoldDesk Release Announcement: July 2023 New Features Update!

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Having a scalable help desk ticketing system is a key factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. It shows how customer-oriented a business is.

BoldDesk is taking initiative by updating its ticketing features in this July 2023 release. The goal was to ensure that all the ticketing system functionalities are up to date with the dynamic advancements in the market.

For better functionality of our help desk ticketing system, several BoldDesk features and modules have been updated and some new features added, too.

This blog details the latest release updates.

BoldDesk New Features Release on July

1. New ticketing system features

In the ticketing system feature, the following are the latest updates available:

Ticket forwarding to other users

The forward ticket feature allows support agents to forward support tickets to other agents, clients, or third-party vendors.

Ticket forwarding to external users
Ticket forwarding feature

You can track the ticket-forwarding activity by filtering the type for Forward in the activity module. Additionally, you can set the assignee, due date, and status for future tracking purposes.

Changing the order of system fields in ticket forms

Ticket form fields can now be rearranged in any order, both in the agent and customer portals.

For instance, the category field can be re-ordered to appear at the top of the ticket form.

c. Changing the order of system fields in ticket forms
Changing the order of ticket forms

New fields in the ticket filter and ticket export functionalities

The following new fields have been added to the advanced filter option in the ticket module:

  • Solved On
  • Closed By

Additionally, a new field has been added to the Excel export option to export ticket descriptions as plain text.

2. Support for six new languages

To reach a wider audience, BoldDesk has added six new languages:

  • Finnish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Swedish

This brings the total number of BoldDesk-supported languages to 13.

3. Generative artificial Intelligence (AI) features

With artificial intelligence fast gaining popularity in all markets, integrating AI-based ticketing system features in BoldDesk was the best strategy to ensure our customers stay ahead of the game.

The following are the key next-generation, AI-based features now included in our help desk.

a. Ticket summary

The ticket summary tool will perform the following functions in the ticketing system software on a ticket:

  • Identify the key purpose of the conversation.
  • Analyze the attitude or emotions expressed by the customer in their support requests.
  • Generate summaries of long customer-agent conversations.
a. Ticket summary
Ticket summary feature

Ticket summarization reduces workload, thus helping improve agent productivity.

b. AI-assist options for content

Content can be improved using the following new, AI-based features.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) new features
Generative AI-based new features

The correct grammar AI feature: Enables support agents to check and correct the grammar for content. This helps make their writing error-free and enhances the quality of support responses.

The rephrase feature: Enables agents to rephrase their customer support responses to make them more professional.

b. AI-assist options for content
Content rephrasing feature

Content AI elaboration feature: This expands on the information already existing in the content, thus enabling the support team to provide longer informative responses.

Shorten feature: This condenses lengthy content to short and concise information or responses by scraping off irrelevant words or phrases.

Translate feature: Enables content or text translation to various languages, making it easy for the support team to interact with end users.

c. New features using AI in knowledge base articles

The following new features have been added to help improve the quality of knowledge base articles.

Article summary

You can create summaries of knowledge base articles to present just the most important information. This makes it easy to read and understand articles for readers with limited time.

Article summarization
KB article summary

Title generator

This generative artificial intelligence feature examines the contents of knowledge base articles to produce SEO-friendly titles for them.

Title generator
Using AI to generate article titles

Meta description suggester

You can use this artificial intelligence feature to generate SEO-friendly meta descriptions based on the contents of the knowledge base articles.

Meta description suggester
Using AI to generate meta descriptions

Note: BoldDesk is currently offering these new features for free for a limited time. Eventually, they will be available only in the Enterprise or Business plans as additional add-on features.

4. Integration of BoldDesk with third-party apps

To optimize the help desk workflow, integrating third-party apps is important. BoldDesk has made it easier for support teams to use and access their tasks with the following new features.

Integration of BoldDesk tickets with Azure DevOps Boards Tasks

BoldDesk tickets can be integrated with Azure DevOps Boards tasks. The integration includes the following features:

  • Creating a link between existing Azure DevOps work items and tickets.
  • Synchronizing tickets with work items like comments, status, and priority.
  • Viewing Azure DevOps work item details, such as title, type, and status, on the ticket page.
Integration of BoldDesk tickets with Azure DevOps Boards Tasks
Azure DevOps Integration

With the integration of Azure DevOps, support agents and product engineering can now collaborate as well as stay up-to-date with task statuses.

Ability to create JIRA tasks directly from BoldDesk

Support teams can now create Jira issues or tasks directly from BoldDesk.

The created tasks will automatically be linked with their respective tickets and their details can be viewed in the ticket details page.

Ability to create JIRA tasks directly from BoldDesk
Creating JIRA issues in BoldDesk

5. Contact management feature updates

The following new contact management features have been added.

Export contacts and contact groups in different file formats

You can now share or export specific sets of contacts and contact groups in CSV or Excel. Customize the export list based on specific fields like address, location, or name.

Exporting Contact and Contact Groups in CSV and Excel file formats
Contact exporting features

Additionally, you can import the contacts and contact groups into another application, in either file format.

Show a contact field in the sign-up form

You can now choose whether to show the contact field of the Admin page in the sign-up form or not.

6. New features in knowledge base

BoldDesk’s knowledge base software has been updated with new capabilities for easier navigation and access to information.

Reorder knowledge base article positions

You can now specify the order of articles or drag them to any location in the knowledge base.

Changing the articles’ order to highlight important ones helps improve their readability.

Show or hide articles

Show or hide the following types of articles in the customer portal knowledge base:

  • Popular articles in the home page.
  • Articles in the same section and category in the article details page.
Show or hide articles
Show or hide knowledge base articles

These options are on the admin page, under knowledge base, in the customer portal settings.

7. Automation feature updates

The following functionality has been updated to make the automation process more streamlined.

Auto-create approval requests in create-ticket trigger automation

You can now add the approval request action to tickets, using the create-ticket trigger and update ticket trigger automation.

To do so, create an automation rule with the Add Approval Request action in the create ticket trigger

If the rule corresponds to a specific ticket, an approval request is added to the ticket.

 Auto-create approval requests in create ticket trigger automation
Approval Request Feature

8. New updates for reports and analytics feature

To enhance the reporting and analysis capabilities, the following new features were added.

Group based on custom fields

An option has been added to the support traffic dashboard and support monitoring dashboard enable grouping by custom field dropdowns.

View underlying data in contact performance dashboards

The support team can now view the contact and contact groups’ performance metrics in the contact dashboard.

Viewing underlying data in Contact Performance Dashboards
Viewing underlying data in contact performance dashboards

To view the detailed ticket information related to different metrics, click the metric.

9. New features in the customer portal

The following feature has been added to the customer portal.

New ticket count widget

There is now a count widget under the ticket module in the customer portal. Customers can see the total number of tickets, pending tickets, and solved tickets.

New ticket count widget
Ticket count widget

10. General feature update

The following is a general feature added to BoldDesk.

Support for new data center region

BoldDesk has added a data center in the India region. This means that India can host databases.

Other regions that can host databases are the U.S. and the EU.


With the latest feature updates, BoldDesk is set to enhance the customer experience and streamline your support workflow.

You can book a BoldDesk live demo for better understanding of the new features mentioned in this blog. There is also a BoldDesk free trial for clients interested in first-hand experience with these latest features. For any inquiries, you can reach out to the BoldDesk contact support team.

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  • tickicon

    Increase agent productivity by 3x

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    Increase customer satisfaction level to 92%

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    Decrease response times by 30 minutes

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