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BoldDesk Release Announcement: September 2023 New Features Update!


BoldDesk Release Announcement: September 2023 New Features Update!

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We are excited to announce the latest features update in our September release! BoldDesk is dedicated to equipping you with the resources you need to consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

We are always pushing the boundaries to provide you with cutting-edge features and tools that guarantee efficiency and optimal performance, and this release is no different.

BoldDesk has been updated with the following features to enhance the customer support experience:

September release

1. Ticketing system features

The following updates have been implemented in the ticketing system to enhance the user experience and increase its efficiency and effectiveness:

a. Add agent signature to ticket

This feature automatically embeds an agent’s signature when replying to tickets. Signatures can be set up either globally across the brand or individually for each agent.

Adding brand signature
Setting Up a Global Brand Signature
New features in setting up personal signatures
Setting Up a Personal Signature

b. Print ticket capability

The print ticket feature allows users to generate physical copies of tickets for documentation purposes.

Tickets can be printed from either the customer or agent portal.

c. Instant access to requester’s details in card view

This feature enables users to instantly access the details of a ticket requester in the card view by just hovering the cursor over the requester’s name.

Instant access to requester details in card view
Accessing Requester’s Details in Card View

d. View a ticket requester’s IP and browser details

This feature allows users to view a ticket requester’s IP address and browser details for easy troubleshooting.

Viewing Ticket Requester's IP and Browser Details
Viewing Ticket Requester’s IP and Browser Details

e. Create a child ticket from a parent ticket

Agents can connect tickets using the link option. To facilitate issue tracking, major incident tickets can serve as parent tickets, while minor incident tickets can function as child tickets. A new feature has been added to provide a simpler way to create a child ticket from a parent ticket. 

Creating a Child Ticket From a Parent Ticket
Creating a Child Ticket From a Parent Ticket

f. New advanced ticket filter

The In Group operator has been added to the advanced ticket filters page. This filter allows users to filter specific tickets from those assigned to a group.

For instance, when a manager applies the Agent | In Group | Finance Department filter, tickets assigned to any agents within the finance department group will be retrieved instead of just tickets specifically assigned to the finance department group.

The In Group Advanced Ticket Filter
The In Group Advanced Ticket Filter

g. New configurations for custom fields

The following two configuration settings for ticket fields have been introduced.

  • Field visibility option in the ticket creation page: controls whether a field is visible in the create screen.
  • Option for editing fields after creation: controls whether fields can be modified once a ticket has been created.
Additional Configuration Settings for Ticket Fields
Additional Configuration Settings for Ticket Fields

h. Resolution due and priority field settings in the ticket creation page

New configuration settings have been added to allow users to:

  • Include the Resolution Due field when creating tickets
  • Access and edit the Priority field in the customer portal
Additional Configuration Settings for Ticket Fields
New Ticket Creation Features

2. Support for 13 additional languages

We believe that language should never be a barrier to quality service. We have added 13 new languages to our multilingual help desk to help users reach a diverse user base.

These additional languages are Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch (Netherlandic), Greek, Hungarian, Malay, Russian, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

This brings the total number of languages supported in BoldDesk to 26.

3. Integration

Additional integration updates have been made to ensure BoldDesk works seamlessly with your favorite apps.

The significant latest features include :

Shopify integration

Users can integrate BoldDesk with the Shopify app. This new integration offers easy access to customer and order data, significantly improving the efficiency of customer support teams.

The following are the key features and advantages of this integration:

  • Enhanced support for connecting multiple stores
  • Seamless access and retrieval of comprehensive customer information
  • Real-time access to a customer’s recent orders, including item purchases, pricing, shipping charges, and discount details
  • Comprehensive overviews of the customer’s entire order history
Instant Access to Customer Details and Order Information
Instant Access to Customer Details and Order Information

4. Activity module

The latest features that have been added to the activity module include:

a. Add custom activity types

Users can create new custom activity types in the activity fields of the admin module. A total of ten types can be added.

Ability to add custom activity types
Adding Custom Activity Types

b. Save activity filters as views

You can now save activity filters as views to better organize and track activities.

c. Add email delivery logs in the activity module

The delivery logs feature, which was previously incorporated in the ticket module, has now been included in the activity module.

This feature provides a detailed summary of all the email transactions and records of every activity.

d. Customize activity email templates

The activity email templates can be customized by navigating to the Email Notifications module on the admin page.

Customizing Activity Email Templates
Customizing Activity Email Templates

5. Approval module updates

The following approval updates are now available:

Approval reminder emails

We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to send a reminder email to the approver. This update will ensure that important tasks or decisions are not overlooked.

Sending a Reminder Email to the Approver
Sending a Reminder Email to the Approver

Incorporation of approval module in webhooks

We have incorporated approval events into webhooks, which facilitates the transmission of real-time data from the approval module to external applications.

6. Knowledge base

The following new features have been added to the knowledge base.

Embed knowledge base articles in widgets and webforms

BoldDesk’s knowledge base supports embeddable widgets and webforms, allowing users to embed knowledge base articles in other applications.

This feature provides users with easy access to knowledge base articles, enhancing the overall customer experience and minimizing the number of support tickets.

Import knowledge base documents from Word or Markdown files

A new feature has been introduced that allows users to import knowledge base articles from Word documents or Markdown files.

New features update that allows you to import KB documents
Importing KB Documents

This allows for easy importing of existing documents into the knowledge base, eliminating the need for manual re-typing. This feature can be used in creating and editing articles.

Supported File Formats
Supported File Formats

Make SEO fields mandatory for articles

Users can make SEO fields mandatory for articles with this new feature. This rule is only applicable to articles that are publicly accessible.

7. Analytics and reports

The following new features have been added to the analytics dashboards and reports page.

Custom field selection option for a dashboard’s underlying data

Previously, only specific fields of underlying data were listed. A new option has been included to allow users to add extra custom fields of underlying data.

Advanced filter support for worklog report

Additional filters have been added to help users extract more insight from worklog reports for improved performance tracking.

8. Default SLA turn off option

BoldDesk now gives users control over which tickets are assigned SLAs. Agents have the option to turn off the default SLA so that no SLA is imposed on tickets unless they set one up.

Deactivating the Default SLA
Deactivating the Default SLA

For instance, users may exclusively allocate SLAs to tickets assigned to a group of agents responsible for product subscription renewals.

9. Customer portal

The following latest features have been added to the customer portal.

Image support for customer portal banner

Customers can add a banner image when customizing the customer portal. This option allows them to reinforce their brand using an attractive and informative banner. A default image will be displayed if no background banner image is chosen.

Adding a Background Image to the Customer Portal
Adding a Background Image to the Customer Portal

Add custom contact fields under customer profile information

This update allows customers to update their profile information with custom contact fields.

The visibility of these fields can be managed from the admin panel.

Setting up Custom Contact Fields
Setting up the Visibility of Custom Contact Fields
Setting up the Visibility of Custom Contact Fields
Setting up Custom Contact Fields

10. Transfer account ownership

Organization owners have the option to seamlessly transfer the ownership of their accounts to another person.

Transferring Account Ownership
Transferring Account Ownership

Explore these new feature updates!

We are confident that these latest features will empower you to consistently deliver streamlined, effective, and user-friendly customer service.

Get in touch with us to set up a 30-minute live demo to try out these latest features and experience firsthand how BoldDesk can revolutionize your customer support. Or sign up for a 15-day free trial today.

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