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Release Announcement—March 2023 New Features

Release Announcement—March 2023 New Features

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Level Up Your Customer Support with BoldDesk

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Announcing the newest features update for BoldDesk! Our latest release offers exciting features that will make it easier than ever before to offer efficient and effective support to your customers.

Are you aiming to improve your team’s productivity through smarter processes? This is one update that shouldn’t be missed! Read on to find out more about our new features and how they can revolutionize the way you approach customer support.

Let’s find out more about BoldDesk’s most recent features!

BoldDesk Release Announcement - March 2023

Activities module for task management

The activities module allows you to create tasks, calls, and meetings. These activities can be linked to a ticket or contact, or they can stand alone. Activities can also be assigned to a specific agent. This helps with ticket organization. For instance, when multiple teams are involved for a particular ticket resolution, then multiple subtasks can be added to a ticket and assigned to different agents.

Activity module - New features

Ticket approval feature

The ticket approval feature allows your agents to create approval requests in the context of tickets.
For example:

  • An approval request to a manager for giving a discount to a customer.
  • An approval request to a manager for purchasing new hardware.

Approval request - New features

Global search page for agents

A global search page in BoldDesk allows agents to search tickets, contacts, contact groups, and the knowledge base.

Perform email actions without logging into portal

Using the email actions feature, you can modify certain ticket properties, such as status, assignee, and requester, without logging into the portal. This way, you can quickly and easily manage your support requests through email, even when you’re away from your computer.

Perform Email Actions without login

New integration support in BoldDesk—OneDrive

In BoldDesk, users can browse for and attach files from OneDrive. This option is available in the ticket create and reply sections only when the OneDrive integration is enabled from the marketplace page.

One Drive

Look for a ticket within a specific view in ticket module

In the ticketing system, when you look for a particular ticket, you can search by specific ticket title or ticket ID within a specific view. This feature helps narrow down the search time and effort.

Look for a ticket

Prevent email notifications for ticket creation and response

In some cases, an agent may not need to send an email alert for a ticket or posted message. For this scenario, we’ve provided an option to skip the email notification. When this option is selected, no email notifications will be sent to agents or customers. Furthermore, no automation will be triggered for that specific event. This option is available at the time of creating a ticket and posting a message.

Prevent email notification

Changing the default columns for a ticket grid view

When creating or editing a ticket’s view, you can save the default columns in the grid view. Also, you can customize the default columns for each ticket view.

When you specify a default column at the time of choosing a specific view, only that column is shown in the grid view by default.

Ticket grid view

Conditional email templates support

With this new feature, you can create more personalized and relevant email notifications by inserting conditional statements in your email templates. In BoldDesk, we are using the Liquid template language. It allows you to build conditions that check for specific user or ticket properties such as categories or custom field values and sends different content accordingly. For more information, refer to our knowledge base article.

Conditional Email template support

Separate page for tags in customer portal knowledge base

In the customer portal, a new page has been added to filter articles by tag. This helps us find relevant articles easily. When you click a specific tag, all the articles with that tag will be listed in the article details page with pagination.

Preventing conflicts while editing articles in a knowledge base

Now you can avoid conflicts when more than one agent is working on the same article. A warning message will be sent when a user works on and saves the older version of the article. The user can get the latest version of the document by reloading the page and then making their changes.

Preventing conflicts in KB

File attachment and weblinks support in contact and contact group modules

In contact management, you can attach files to the contact and contact group profile pages. You can also include external website links in the profile pages, such as a contact’s LinkedIn profile link.

Now, you can add a maximum of 25,000 contacts to a single contact group under contact management.

File attachements and weblink support

Excel export improvements for worklog reports

In this BoldDesk release, some enhancements have been made to the worklog report export option:

  • The exported file includes a summary of the work that has been logged.
  • There is an option to export the results of the work log report grouped by fields, such as ticket ID, requester, contact group, and created on.

Excel export

Get the underlying data for agent performance dashboard metrics

This option helps you view the underlying data for metrics based on SLA in the Agent Performance Dashboard. By clicking on the metric, you can view its details.

Underlying data metrics

Secure contact list in admin module

In some cases, you may be required to add an external user as an agent. In such cases, you may want to restrict external agents from viewing the contact or contact group list, even if it is in a dropdown.

To achieve this, you can disable the view contacts permissions. This way, the agent will be unable to view the contact list, even in the dropdown fields. This keeps the data more secure.

File drive integration for customer portal and knowledge base

In the customer portal and knowledge base articles of BoldDesk, support for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox has been provided. Customers can attach files from these drives when creating and replying to tickets in their customer portal. Agents, too, can add attachments to the articles from the drives.


We hope our new features make the BoldDesk experience even better for customers. With top-notch scalability and customization options, BoldDesk stands out as a great choice among other help desk software providers in the industry. These new features introduce exceptional flexibility into the system, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your help desk system to meet your exact demands. Also, you can explore more about the new features from our products update page.

We believe our help desk service with these extra features can provide customers with a first-class service. Contact us today to find out how you can make your customer support efficient and hassle-free with BoldDesk. To learn more about BoldDesk’s features and how they can be tailored to your company’s needs, schedule a 30-minute live demo. On BoldDesk.com, you can also start a 15-day free trial to try it out for yourself.


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Level Up Your Customer Support with BoldDesk

  • tickicon

    Increase agent productivity by 3x

  • tickicon

    Increase customer satisfaction level to 92%

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    Decrease response times by 30 minutes

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