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Help Desk Software for Small Businesses

Affordable and customizable help desk software to provide a great customer service experience.

How does the help desk software benefit and add value to your small business?

If your company is struggling to provide better customer service or if you are handling support requests via email, then you need the Help Desk software. This modern software can carry out a wide range of support activities.

Affordable & Transparent Pricing for Help Desk Software

Affordable & transparent pricing

Multi-channel ticketing

A unified agent portal for your agents to track, prioritize, and follow up support requests received from various channels.

Multi-channel ticketing means a unified agent portal


Auto assignment

Tickets can be routed to the correct agent using auto assignment.

SLA automations

Set up SLA policies to improve response and resolution time.

Event triggers

When a ticket is created or updated, perform a series of automated actions.

Time triggers

Perform a repeated set of actions every hour.

Customer satisfaction survey

Send satisfaction surveys to customers to get feedback on the service provided. Rating scale customization are also supported. Track customer happiness rating using CSAT reports.


Customize the rating scale and text on the feedback rating page.

Negative feedback action

Automate post actions when receiving negative feedback.

CSAT report

Use CSAT reports to keep track of your CSAT scores.

Productivity features

Canned responses

Save frequently used responses as templates to respond quickly to frequently asked questions.


Using tags, organize and manage your tickets.

Advanced filters

Use advanced filters to view a subset of tickets and save them as views for future use.

Ticket sorting

Various fields are available to sort tickets based on preferences.

Quick preview

This allows users to preview the content of a ticket without actually opening the ticket details page.

Time tracking

Track time spent by agents on tickets.

Multilingual support

Multilingual Helpdesk language

Multilingual help desk

Support your customers all across the world by providing customer service that is translated into multiple languages.

Multilingual Knowledge base

Multilingual knowledge base

Support your customers all across the world by providing customer service that is translated into multiple languages.

Task management

To improve agent productivity and ticket resolution, break down the steps required to resolve a ticket into smaller tasks.

Task Management
Collaborate with your teammates

Collaborate with your teammates

Effectively collaborate with your internal teams on a ticket by using these features.

Organize customer information

Organize customer information
Reports & Analytics

Reports & analytics

There are several pre-built reports and dashboards available for data analysis.

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There are numerous customization options for changing the ticket form fields as well as the look and feel of the portal.

Custom domains

Change the portal's support address to support.yourcompany.com by mapping custom domains.

White labelling

Customize the support portal with your company logo, colors, and login options.

Embeddable help widgets

Customize and integrate a help widget into your website and convert requests into tickets.

Embeddable web forms

Integrate a contact us form into your website and turn requests into tickets.

Custom apps

Integrate any third-party system and side load data of external apps with tickets for easy access.

Single sign on

Set up your organization’s Single Sign On for a more seamless login experience.

Task management & CRM integration

JIRA and Salesforce native integrations are supported.

Rest APIs & webhooks

Rest APIs and webhooks are quite powerful to integrate with any external system.


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