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Release Announcement—December 2022 New Features

Release Announcement—December 2022 New Features

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We are glad to announce the introduction of new features update and enhancements in BoldDesk. Keep reading to learn more about everything the upgraded version of BoldDesk has to offer!

December new features update

Drive integration

The integration of file drives is provided for Google Drive and Dropbox. Users can search for and attach large files from drives. Agents can use this option only when the marketplace module is enabled for integration.

Drive integration - new features
Drive Integration

Agent or group performance dashboard

The performance dashboard assists you in analyzing the performance of a support agent or a group. This dashboard is one of the new features of BoldDesk which helps you to gauge the performance of your team.

Agent or Group performance dashboard as new feature in BoldDesk
Agent or Group Performance Dashboard

Bulk ticket update

This feature allows you to select up to 50 tickets and update their ticket fields. It helps to add mass replies or notes.

Bulk Ticket Update in BoldDesk
Bulk Ticket Update Option

Previous versions restore option of KB articles

In the knowledge base module, you can restore the previous versions of knowledge base articles.

Restoring previous versions of KB articles
Previous Versions Restore Option of KB Articles

View original email message for messages updated via email

When a ticket is updated via email, only the most recent update from the email is parsed and displayed in the ticket. This new option lets you view the entire original email content.

Indication of email delivery failure

A failed delivery icon will indicate when an email was not delivered to one or more of the recipients in a specific message.

Let’s discover more about BoldDesk’s newest features!

Convert a ticket message into a knowledge base article

This option helps you quickly convert any ticket message to a knowledge base article.

Ticket export with time-log fields

In ticket export, you can find two new fields: total hours logged and total billable hours logged.

Ticket Export
Ticket Export

Filter ticket views

Now, you can filter the list of ticket views in the ticketing system.

Filter ticket views in ticketing system
Filter Ticket Views

Default message filter preference

You can customize the default message filter preference. There are options for configuring this at the organization or personal settings levels. You can notice the reflection of configured settings in the message section of the ticket details page.

Worklog report export option in Excel format

In the worklog report, you can export data to Excel format. You can export a total of 1,000 records.

User search dropdown

The option to search specifically for agent and customer helps to improve search productivity in the user dropdown.
When you include the prefix @, you search on the agent list, whereas when you include the prefix #, you search only for customers. When you don’t use prefix, the search will look for both agents and customers.

Automatically adding a tag to a ticket created with embeddable widget or forms

In the contact us and help widget, you have an option for automatically tagging tickets created with the embeddable widget or forms. You have to add a tag to the widget settings. When a ticket is created using the widget, a specific tag is added to it. Using this option, you can configure automations and auto assignments.

Automatic adding of tag to ticket in BoldDesk embeddable widget
Automatically Adding a Tag to a Ticket


We’re constantly striving to bring you the best possible experience with BoldDesk. Keep an eye out for more great new features and updates in the future! In the meantime, you can try the free trial to experience how BoldDesk can help you deliver excellent customer support. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve, or if you need help using any of the features, please contact us.

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