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BoldDesk: 2023 Rising Star Award Winner!

FinancesOnline's Rising Star Award

The cornerstone of any successful business is achieving excellent customer satisfaction through its customer support operations.

BoldDesk continues to be among the best help desk software on the market for making that happen for any business by providing an excellent user experience that leaves customers very satisfied.

We are excited to announce that BoldDesk has been crowned the Rising Star Award winner for 2023 by FinancesOnline, a leading review platform of financial, B2B, and SaaS brands.

What makes BoldDesk worthy of the Rising Star Award?

BoldDesk has received a rating of 8.0 from FinancesOnline based on an in-depth analysis of its main functionalities, collaboration features, customization capabilities, integrations, and more.

This high rating and our young age in the helpdesk ticketing software market earned us the award.

Additionally, FinancesOnline vouched that BoldDesk’s features and capabilities are what review platforms look for on their list of top help desk software products today.

The user satisfaction rating we received is 96%, with over 100 positive social media mentions.

The high ratings mean we are a great customer service software that users find valuable and easy to use.

The renowned reviewing platform had the following to say about our help desk ticketing system:

  • “It enables businesses to streamline support operations and improve customer satisfactions since it is strong, adaptable, and cost-effective.”
  • “Using BoldDesk, you can efficiently manage your support email, automate repetitive tasks, [customize it] to your business needs, and publish self-help articles for your services or products.”

What are some benefits of BoldDesk?

FinancesOnline identified the following areas where we excels as a help desk system:


With the recognition BoldDesk has received, we are encouraged that we are building a product that meets the helpdesk software needs of businesses and organizations worldwide.

Let BoldDesk be your go-to ticketing software with robust features that improve your customer support processes. Request a live demo and use our free trial for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Contact BoldDesk support if you have any questions.

Esther Omuhatia Khachina
Esther Omuhatia Khachina
Khachina is a technical writer for the Syncfusion's BoldDesk software, having a keen interest in creating exceptional software documentation for all Syncfusion product users. To guarantee that all end-users benefit, she employs her expertise in research, writing, reviewing, and editing technical documents.

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