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Why should you switch to help desk software from email-based support?

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Help Desk Software

All businesses when they first start use email to handle communication with customers. Mostly, customers also prefer to email when they want to deal with your company. But, when your business grows, it becomes impractical to manage all the emails. It becomes easy to overlook correspondence. When you switch to help desk software, you can better manage email-based communication with your customers.

Help desk software lets you get rid of cluttered emails, reduce staff frustration, and improve productivity. Let’s have a look at the benefits of help desk software over the email system.

Reasons to switch to help desk software from email-based support

Your customers’ success depends on the success of your customer service. Your customer will stick with you and keep utilizing your brand, products, and services if you excel at producing them and at providing excellent customer service to back them up. In this section, we’ll look at some of the ways help desk software provides your customers better back up than just email support.

Respond faster to emails

Inbox overload makes it difficult to respond to customers’ urgent inquiries. Furthermore, sorting and filtering emails in an email system is complex. Your support team will be unable to prioritize and resolve issues quickly. Categorizing issues based on priority allows the support team to respond to customers and urgent issues quickly, which is impossible in an email-only system. As a result, there will be more delays for what could be critical problems.

Help desk software is a ticketing platform that automatically converts all customer queries into tickets. By setting the SLA rules, the tickets are categorized by priority. Your team can respond to urgent customers quickly and try to resolve their queries promptly. This kind of software uses the round-robin method for ticket assignment, allowing support teams to keep priorities consistent with the SLA.

Quick replies

In an email system, sending replies to a large number of emails and resolving the customer issues is tedious. In some cases, many customers may raise the same question. Collecting the email addresses of customers who sent the same question and replying to them will take a lot of time if we do it manually.

Canned responses in an email ticketing system give you automatic replies to send for questions customers frequently ask. They save you time. Canned responses can be set up to send to the appropriate client automatically. These fast responses give your customers a positive impression of your support team, which increases their loyalty.

Team collaboration

For customer service, more than one department is often involved in resolving customer issues. In email processing, once a support team member forwards a customer email to another department, it might become lost. The support team member moves on to other issues and the other department may or may not assign the issue to someone to look at.

Team collaboration
Photo by Fauxels from Pexels

Moving to an email ticketing system can make a massive difference to the support team and the customers. The help desk allows a support agent to assign a ticket to another team and keep track of the ticket to make sure it’s assigned. Both teams can see the ticket, so it won’t get lost, and they can communicate through internal notes in the ticket. Therefore, the ticketing system enhances team collaboration in your organization.

Strengthen customer relationships

Late responses to customer inquiries erode the relationship between customers and the support team, which leads to a loss of repute.

With a help desk automatically organizing incoming tickets by priority and presenting them all in one place, the support team quickly identifies, responds to, and resolves high-priority tickets. A ticketing system allows the support team and the user to track issues using ticket numbers or user IDs. As a result, both parties can easily check the status of tickets and follow the progress of their resolution. By taking care of customers’ most urgent problems first and ensuring that even low-priority issues don’t fall off the map, the team’s customer satisfaction score will rise. A smoother relationship between customers and customer service means a better reputation for your company overall.

Collect reports and analyze data

While using email support, we have to manually collect data like total response time, total resolution time, and reports like customer satisfaction, ticket conversion, etc., from multiple places. This way of collecting reports and data is time-consuming and not cost-effective.

Collect reports and analyze data
Photo by Fauxels from Pexels

You can gather all the data you need via an email ticketing system, making it simple for team leads to follow the performance of agents. Tracking your KPIs reveals your team’s strengths and weaknesses. A customer satisfaction report assists in analyzing clients’ feedback and the areas in which your support staff needs to grow. The support lead can use insight from this data analysis to inform training, hiring, promotions, and methodology. Customers will be pleased, and your business becomes more productive as a result of data-driven improvement.

Improved support quality

Another reason to switch to help desk software is to improve the workflow in your support system. According to the category and status of tickets, a ticketing system automatically assigns them to appropriate agents. An SLA helps to guide agents regarding appropriate response times and resolution times. Moreover, it provides transparency between customers and the support team, resulting in increased confidence.

With a help desk, each query has a unique ticket number. A support manager can track the lifecycle of a ticket from its creation time until it meets complete resolution. They can see tags, statuses, and categories, all the information they need at their fingertips. By creating data reports, the manager can gauge whether agents or processes are slowing the workflow and take the necessary steps to eliminate bottlenecks.

Bottom line

Handling customer issues effectively will lead the company on a path to growth. To enhance the overall performance of your support team, move to help desk software from email support. A ticketing system helps you to organize, manage, and automate the workflow of your customer service in a way that scales with your growing company.

Try using BoldDesk which provides above all benefits in customer service. With BoldDesk, managing customer support emails is simpler than ever.

For any questions, please contact us through our support system (built with BoldDesk, of course). You can also post your comments in the comments section.

Sathya Ayothi
Sathya Ayothi
Sathya is a technical writer in Syncfusion. She enjoys creating product-related technical information.

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