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How We Achieved the 5th Position Product of the Day on Product Hunt

How We Achieved the 5th Position Product of the Day on Product Hunt

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BoldDesk is excited to announce its official launch on Product Hunt. This is a great achievement for our team. It is a testament to our dedication and determination to develop the best customer support software, which we believe will revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers.

In this article, we’ll share some insight about our preparation for the Product Hunt launch and what we learned.

How We Achieved the 5th Position Product of the Day on Product Hunt

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt (PH) is a community-driven platform for showcasing new software, apps, hardware, and anything tech related.

Product Hunt helps with the following:

  • Increase product visibility
  • Attract feedback from the community
  • Gather insight on product features
  • Establish a user base
  • Create excitement about a product

A successful launch on Product Hunt can result in business growth, brand recognition, and partnerships through affiliate marketing. It’s a chance to showcase your work to a worldwide audience.

Who we are

Syncfusion is a software company that offers UI widgets for developers across various development platforms. We have over 30,000 customers, including most Fortune 500 companies.

BoldDesk is our cloud-based customer service software packed with features that help businesses effectively organize and manage all support requests and inquiries in a centralized platform.

It can be used to automate repetitive tasks, manage support agents’ workflows, streamline collaboration, and improve other customer support operations.

With BoldDesk, support agents can efficiently address customer needs while ensuring smooth operations within their current tech infrastructure.

BoldDesk has the following features that enhance the customer service experience for both agents and customers:

  • Ticketing system: Consolidates support requests to a single platform, routes them to the right agents, and enhances team collaboration.
  • Knowledge base software: A centralized information hub that provides customers with the ability to help themselves. It can also be used internally to assist agents.
  • Workflow automation: No-code automation lets you create a customized workflow for your support team and streamline repetitive manual tasks in the ticket life cycle with ease. It also supports the implementation of SLAs to set response and resolution time frames automatically.
  • Task management: Review support tickets and related activities in a single platform.
  • AI-enhanced assistance: Speeds up the resolution of support queries by summarizing tickets and helping compose responses.
  • Reports and analytics: Integrated reports and dashboards deliver informative, up-to-date data that assists support teams in making well-informed choices for enhancing customer service.

Why we built BoldDesk

The journey to build BoldDesk started when we at Syncfusion discovered a gap between advanced help desk software solutions that were expensive and simpler alternatives that were much more affordable.

There was a need for help desk software that could cater to small- and medium-sized businesses looking for a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution for their growing support teams.

In response, we developed BoldDesk, an affordable and highly customizable help desk solution to help businesses of all sizes—from startups to medium-sized businesses, to large enterprises—provide outstanding customer service.

BoldDesk was first used by our internal IT support team. After we were highly satisfied with its performance and the usability of its features, we released BoldDesk to the public.

What did we accomplish?

When we launched BoldDesk on Product Hunt, we reached a significant achievement: BoldDesk earned the fifth position for the Product of the Day on December 11, 2023.

What did we accomplish?
BoldDesk Product Hunt Achievement

This success not only affirmed the dedication and effort of our team, but also highlighted the value and potential of BoldDesk in the customer service SaaS market.

In addition to being in the top five products of the day, our Product Hunt launch yielded 587 upvotes, 208 comments, and 721 followers.

What we did to prepare for the Product Hunt launch

Here are some ways we prepared for a successful Product Hunt launch:

Created a concise product page and accounts for BoldDesk team leads

The purpose of BoldDesk is succinctly communicated on our PH page.

Several leaders of the BoldDesk team created Product Hunt accounts so that they could directly connect with potential users and engage with Product Hunt’s vibrant community of technology enthusiasts.

They can also answer customers’ comments easily.

Created a concise product page and accounts for BoldDesk team leads
BoldDesk Landing Page

Offered a discount

We paired the Product Hunt launch with a promo code that gives users a 50% discount on all plans for the first year.

This code is still up for grabs as a thank you for supporting us on Product Hunt: PH50.

Offered a discount
BoldDesk Product Hunt Special Offer

We also unveiled an SMB-friendly pricing plan that starts as low as $10 for 10 agents to help customers increase their productivity for less.

Built a voter base

To have a successful Product Hunt launch, we actively involved our current user community, plus colleagues and friends to support us.

By nurturing a network of supporters, our goal was to obtain early votes that pushed our product to the front, increasing its visibility and credibility.

Pre-launch outreach through social media and email

By utilizing the influence of social media, we coordinated a campaign to create buzz for our PH debut.

Customized posts, teasers, and countdowns on different platforms such as X, Facebook, and LinkedIn aimed to:

  • Engage our desired audience
  • Capture the attention of active Product Hunters
  • Announce our upcoming launch
  • Lead our customers to Product Hunt on launch day
Pre-launch outreach through social media and email
Product Hunt Launch Promotion on X

Leveraging social media expanded the reach of our debut, going beyond the confines of the Product Hunt platform.

Additionally, we sent emails to potential customers prior to the launch to notify them about the day of the PH Launch.

Launch announcement videos

We appreciate the power of visual storytelling, and therefore invested in creating a compelling video that vividly demonstrated BoldDesk’s features and benefits.

This video served as a dynamic trailer for BoldDesk, not only on PH but also across our social media channels and website.

What you should expect after a successful launch on Product Hunt

  • Greater brand awareness and visibility: Launching on Product Hunt helps your brand gain exposure in the SaaS community, culminating in greater popularity with your target audience.
  • New customers and partners: Active participation on PH offers an opportunity to turn Product Hunters from different communities within the platform into new customers. It also encourages partnerships and attracts investments.
  • Valuable feedback from Product Hunters: The Product Hunt community offers valuable feedback, insights, suggestions, and analyses that can help you improve your product.
  • Increased brand credibility: Earning a top position of in the Product of the Day or Product of the Week helps your brand gain recognition and establishes your business as a significant player in the SaaS industry.

Triumph on the horizon: A successful Product Hunt launch

BoldDesk securing the fifth position on the Product of the Day on Product Hunt was a significant accomplishment.

This recognition strengthened our belief that we are on the right path in building a product that effectively meets the help desk software needs of businesses and organizations worldwide.

To learn more about BoldDesk and its features, you can book a live demo or schedule a 15-day free trial. You can contact the BoldDesk support team for more information.

We hope this article will help you during your own Product Hunt launch, and we would love to hear about your experiences. Kindly share your reflections in the comments section below.

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Level Up Your Customer Support with BoldDesk

  • tickicon

    Increase agent productivity by 3x

  • tickicon

    Increase customer satisfaction level to 92%

  • tickicon

    Decrease response times by 30 minutes

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