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Shared inboxes for easy team collaboration

Organize all your support requests in one place, route them to the appropriate agents, track them with certainty, and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

What is Shared Inbox?

A shared inbox refers to an email inbox accessible to all team members for sending and receiving emails.

Shared inbox software serves as a centralized platform for email communication, facilitating team collaboration and ensuring everyone remains informed.

Why you need a BoldDesk shared inbox

Why we need BoldDesk Shared Inbox

Organize customer information in one place

Keep customer data in a central location so that your staff has access to the most recent information.

Modern and intuitive UI

With our modern, user-friendly interface, avoid toggling among multiple platforms and boost your productivity with advanced ticket views and filters.


Use no-code automation to create a business-specific operation workflow to perform recurring manual tasks at each stage of the ticket lifecycle.

Spam-free email

With our built-in spam detectors, you can keep spam and automated emails out of your inbox. Use the settings to block and whitelist specific email addresses and domains to control who can send you emails.

Email collaboration has never been easier

BoldDesk allows you to easily collaborate with your team members by using private notes and private tickets. By keeping everything in one place, you can eliminate the possibility of missing emails and the need to keep track of multiple responses.


Assign the right person with auto assignment

With our simple and powerful auto-assignment rules, you’ll never miss an email. The right person will be assigned to respond to each ticket. To keep track of progress, include other team members in the assignee and watcher lists.

Time-saving canned responses

Tired of repeating the same responses to multiple customers? Use our canned responses features to save answers to repeated queries with dynamic placeholder support.


Multilingual Email Templates

A multilingual email template is a great way to reach a wider audience with your customer service. By translating your email content into multiple languages, your message will be seen and understood by people all over the world.


Automated response

Send quick and relevant automated email responses to your customers using our no-code automation.


Reduce response times for priority clients and keep your top-tier customers happy with our SLA rules.

Improve agent productivity

Eliminate manual effort at every level of the ticket lifecycle. Agents can focus on resolving customer issues.


With secure sharing, your privacy is protected

Sharing certain emails with coworkers who shouldn’t have access to them is a concern. With BoldDesk’s advanced permissions module, you can make sure to share these emails only with people who need to see them.

Ensures that your clients are happy


A satisfied customer is one who returns to your business. Use a satisfaction survey to gather feedback from your customers and take appropriate action.


Features of Shared Inbox Management


You can organize all your support requests in one place, route them to the appropriate agents, and customize the support creation forms.


BoldDesk helps agents increase productivity and provide faster responses to support requests, which keeps things moving forward.

Email analytics and reports

Display insightful, real-time data using the built-in reports and dashboard to help you make informed decisions about improving customer service.


BoldDesk integrates with your favorite tools and apps to simplify your workflow, reduce data clutter, and increase your productivity.

Custom email templates

Using our email notification templates, you can create customized, dynamic content and maintain a consistent email response across your system.


Secure your outbound emails with DKIM keys and protect your inbound emails with powerful, built-in spam controls and email blocklist features.

The 12 Best Shared Inbox Software for Customer Service in 2024

Enhance team collaboration, efficiency, and accountability in handling email communications by choosing the right shared inbox software for your customer support team.

The following are some of the best shared inbox software on the market.

1. BoldDesk


BoldDesk improves team efficiency, decreases response times, and aids businesses in providing exceptional customer service through a well-coordinated and organized approach to customer interactions.

The team Inbox Software is frequently utilized in customer support and collaboration environments to guarantee that all team members can efficiently access and respond to incoming messages.

Key features

Ticket routing automation: Centralizes support requests, assigns them to agents, and personalizes request forms.

Productivity: Streamlines teamwork, reduces response times, and improves efficiency in communication between customers and the support team.

Email analytics and reports: Provides intelligent, up-to-date data through a dashboard and reports for decision-making.

Integration: Integrates with favourite programs and tools to streamline workflow processes and increase output.

Customer service email templates: Maintains standard email notifications and responses to customers.

Security: Ensures email security with DKIM keys and spam controls.

Canned responses: Develop your own prewritten responses to handle questions frequently asked by users.

Customer satisfaction surveys: Offers tools for sending surveys to customers to collect feedback and enhance support services.

SLA management: Includes automations rules for setting response and resolution times and configurable notifications, alerts, and reminders to keep support teams and customers informed.

Pricing plans

Starter: $10 for 3 agents/month

Growth: $20 per agent/month

Enterprise: $40 per agent/month

Standard: $499/month

Pro: $999/month

Business: $1999/month

2. HubSpot Service Hub


It is designed to simplify the task of managing and responding to emails, making it easier for teams to stay organized and efficient.

Key features

Ticketing system: Efficiently track, prioritize, and resolve customer issues by creating and managing support tickets.

Customer feedback surveys: Acquire customer feedback via surveys to assess satisfaction levels and enhance the quality of service.

Integration: It easily connects to HubSpot CRM to improve communication with clients.

Email templates: It offers a large selection of templates for replying to customers more quickly.

Pricing plans

Free Tools: $0 per agent/month (limited features)

Starter: $18 per month (2 users)

Professional: $450 per month (5 users)

Enterprise: $1,200 per month (10 users)

3. Help Scout


You can effectively handle shared emails, delegate individuals to discussions, communicate with colleagues, and label conversations using the Help Scout team inbox software.

Key features

Multichannel support: Enables the smooth management of communication across various channels.

Mobile support: Provides native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Reports and analytics: Facilitates the collection and evaluation of customer satisfaction scores.

Security: Provides supplementary security measures such as multifactor authentication.

Pricing plans

Standard: $20 per user/month

Plus: $40 per user/month

Pro: $65 per user/month (annual only)

4. ProProfs Help Desk


By consolidating all client communications in a single platform using ProProfs, you can enhance team collaboration and ensure that no customer inquiries are missed.

Key features

Automation: Implement rules and automations for efficient task and ticket routing.

Knowledge base: Create a customer knowledge base to reduce repetitive support requests and enable self-service.

Canned responses: Utilize canned responses to address queries quickly.

SLA management: Enforce SLAs for timely responses and resolutions.

Pricing plans

Free Plan: Free for 1 agent

Annual Billing: $19.99 per user/month

5. Hiver


It functions within Gmail with an emphasis on boosting teamwork, workflow productivity, and customer support.

Key features

Team collaboration: Enables teams to share and collaborate on incoming emails, minimizing the chance of emails being missed or lost.

Collision alert: Notifies users of simultaneous email work, preventing duplication and enhancing communication.

SLA monitoring: Set SLAs and monitor performance to meet customer service expectations for timely responses to inquiries.

Automation: Automate repetitive tasks like email assignment, responses, and folder organization.

Pricing plans

Lite: $15 per user/month

Pro: $39 per user/month

Elite: $59 per user/month

6. Drag


It can also be used with other Google Workspace applications, such as Calendar and Groups.

Key features

Team collaboration: Collaborate with team members on email conversations.

Reports and analytics: Obtain valuable information on email effectiveness and the productivity of the team.

Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and email handling.

Integration: Connect with other tools like CRM and project management software for a seamless workflow.

Pricing plans

Free: $0 per user/month

Starter: $8 per user/month

Plus: $12 per user/month

Pro: $16 per user/month

7. Kayako


All your chats can be viewed in various ways, and you can tag them for easy handling and future reference. 

Additionally, Kayako provides numerous integrations with other applications, enabling businesses to efficiently handle conversations and personalize workflows through their various project management applications.

Key features

Team collaboration: Facilitates teamwork on customer inquiries.

Email templates: Streamlines processes for quicker responses.

Knowledge base: Permits the development and sharing of useful resources.

Multilingual support: Aids in serving a worldwide customer base.

8. Front


It creates a single email inbox from all the consumer communications that happen across channels, including social media, live chat, SMS, and email.

Key features

Integration: Provides seamless connections to the rest of your workflow.

Automation: Automate workflows and rules for email routing, categorization, and prioritization.

Reports and analytics: Track team performance and email metrics.

Shared templates: Utilize predefined email templates for consistent communication.

Pricing plans

Starter: $19 per user/ month

Growth: $59 per user/ month

Scale: $99 per user/ month

Premier: $229 per user/ month

9. Missive


It enables you to effortlessly handle emails, chat, and social media accounts like Messenger and Instagram.

Key features

Automation: Customize rules for efficient workflows and message categorization.

Integration: Integrate Missive with your other business apps for a smooth workflow.

Email collaboration: Collaborate instantly on emails, chats, and tasks for a dynamic teamwork experience.

Mobile app: Stay connected and productive on the go with mobile access to Missive.

Pricing plans

Free: $0 per user/month

Starter: $14 per user/month

Productive: $18 per user/month

Business: $26 per user/month

10. Helpwise


Key features

Tagging and categorization: Use tags to categorize discussions.

Reports and analytics: Evaluate the performance of each team member.

Automation: Create automation rules according to your needs.

Task management: Utilize the assignment feature to direct inquiries to the right individual.

Pricing plans

Standard: $12 per user/month

Premium: $23 per user/month

Advanced: $ 35 per user/month

11. Groove


Key features

Knowledge base: Empower customers and staff to solve issues on their own.

Reports and analytics: Easily Monitor customer service KPIs and metrics.

Automation: Streamline customer support workflows.

Customization: Adapt tools to meet the needs of each team.

Pricing plans

Standard: $12 per user/month

Premium: $20 per user/month

Advanced: $40 per user/month

12. Gmelius


Key features

Email templates: Offers email templates for quick and consistent responses.

Shared templates: Collaborate on templates and share them.

Automation: Create custom rules and automation to manage emails.

Email analytics: Gain insights through analytics and reporting.

Pricing plans

Flex: $15 per month (up to 5 users)

Growth: $24 per user/month

Pro: $36 per user/month

Summary of the best shared inbox systems



Starting Price

Free Trial

$12 /agent/month

15 days

$19 per agent/month

14 days

$15 per agent/month

21 days

$20 per agent/month

15 days

$12 per user/month

14 days

$29 / month

21 days

$12 per user/month

15 days

$20 per agent/month

15 days


14 days

$19 per user per month

7 days

$39/month (includes 1 seat)

14 days

Hubspot Service Hub

$45 per user/month


$29 per user/month

14 days

$19 per seat/month

7 days


30 days

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