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BoldDesk + Jira Integration

Sync Jira issues with BoldDesk tickets to keep up with the latest information.

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Need for Jira integration

By integrating Jira issues with tickets, support teams and product developers can work together to track and resolve issues, obtain real-time visibility into product development, and stay informed on how issues are being resolved.

Need for Jira integration
Link and unlink Jira issues

Link and unlink Jira issues

Linking helps your support team stay up to date with the status of customer-reported issues. Link tickets with existing Jira issues by searching for the issue key, which allows you to access issue details within BoldDesk.

You can also choose which Jira projects’ issues to link when installing the app. Unlink the issues if you don’t want to sync data.

View Jira issue details in BoldDesk

Customize Jira issue fields to appear in support tickets, including:

  1. System fields (Summary, Issue Type, Priority, Assignee, Status, Resolution, etc.)
  2. Custom fields

To access and view real-time information without leaving the help desk, agents can move to the Jira issue by clicking the issue key.

View Jira issue details in BoldDesk
Synchronize Jira issues with support tickets

Synchronize Jira issues with support tickets

When you link a ticket to a Jira issue, you can automatically synchronize the following items:

  • Status
  • Priority
  • Comments

Every change in BoldDesk is synchronized with Jira, and vice versa, generating a notification email. You can configure bidirectional or unidirectional synchronization between both products.

Handling Jira integration failures

A failure message is logged, and 20 retry attempts are made. If the connection fails 20 times continuously, the integration will be deactivated, and a failure notification email will automatically be sent. You can look through the failure logs to figure out what went wrong.

Handling Jira integration failures

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