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Powerful ticketing software

Shared Inbox / Email Ticketing

Convert all incoming customer support emails into tickets and respond to them via email.

Advanced Ticket Views
Internal Collaboration
Canned Response
Time Tracking
Ticket Links

Shared Inbox / Email Ticketing

Convert all incoming customer support emails into tickets and respond to them via email.

Email ticketing software

Advanced Ticket Views

Use advanced filters to view a subset of tickets. Save and share filtered views with an entire organization or a specific group.

Advanced ticket filters


Using tags and labels can help you better organize and add context to your support tickets.


Internal Collaboration

Collaborate with internal teams by using private tickets or private notes.

Making ticket private

Canned Response

Respond to tickets quickly with frequently used saved response templates.

Canned response to tickets

Time Tracking

Agents can record the amount of time they spend on each ticket.

Agent Time Tracking

Ticket Links

Using the link-ticket feature, you can link a ticket with another ticket. Use this feature to link related or child tickets and to split larger tickets.

Link ticket with another ticket

Automate your repetitive tasks

Automate your repetitive tasks

Automate your repetitive tasks

Auto Assignment

The auto-assignment rule watches incoming tickets and assigns them to a particular agent or group within your company based on the first-matched rule.

Auto assigning tickets

Create Your Own Workflow

Event-trigger automation performs certain actions when a specified event occurs. Time triggers enable automated rules to perform repeated sets of actions based on selected criteria every hour.

Creating triggers when event occurs

Setting Up SLA

A service level agreement, or SLA, automatically sets a support team’s goal response and resolution times that your support team should provide for a ticket. Set different work hours and holidays for support team members distributed across different time zones in accordance with the business hours used in the SLA.

Setting up SLA

Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Send surveys to customers to gauge their satisfaction with the services they received. Automate post actions when receiving negative feedback.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Customize to your business needs

Customize to your business needs

Customize to your business needs

Ticket creation form

Customize ticket forms to be brand specific. You can add, remove, or reorder ticket fields in a form with a different form template for each brand you manage.

Creating ticket in BoldDesk


Customize the help center to retain brand identity

Brand Identity

Personalize the help center with your company logo, brand colors, logins, and general settings.

Single sign-on

Help customers log in with a single set of credentials by using SSO systems such as Office 365, OAuth 2.0 providers, and OpenID.

Domain Mapping

Map your custom domain as part of brand-specific customization.


Personalize your ticket by changing its layout, view, page count, and sort order.

Customize to retain your brand identity

Personalize email templates

Email templates allow you to modify predefined email content.

Email notification and templates

Custom agent roles

Create a set of permissions based on agent roles tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Help Desk Roles & Permissions

Customer Portal Software

A client portal lets your customers track their support requests, organization-wide tickets, and tickets cc’d. Customize the portal to apply brand identity. Use your custom.

Customer Portal Software

Analyze your data with reports and dashboards

Monitor every aspect of your support experience, track SLAs, and improve customer satisfaction and team performance for your business.

BoldDesk Reports and Analytics

Embeddable widgets and forms

Include a ticket creation widget or form on any website.

Help widget

By adding a small piece of script, you can create a personalized help widget and embed it in any external website, such as WordPress.

Contact Us web form

Incorporate a contact form into any external website, such as WordPress. When a customer submits a request, a ticket is automatically created.

BoldDesk Reports and Analytics

Seamlessly integrate all your favorite tools

Integrate with your favorite tools and apps, allowing you to simplify workflows, reduce data clutter, and increase your productivity.

BoldDesk Integration

Why should you use BoldDesk?

BoldDesk is a cloud-based, modern help desk ticketing software for serving a wide range of customer support activities. You can organize support requests, collaborate with customers and teammates, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall customer experience.

Organize customer information in one place

Organization customer information in one place

Organization customer information in one place

Organize your customer data

Maintain customer data in a central location for your staff to obtain the most up-to-date information.

Help Desk Customer Management

Expand profile data

Contact and contact group custom fields allow you to record nearly anything relevant to your business.
Add more information to the profile of the user you’re working with.

Customer profile

Segment data

Contacts and contact groups can be tagged based on their business, revenue, and other characteristics, making it easier to filter them later.

Segment Data

Using Webhooks and the BoldDesk API, you can keep track of your customer data in real time


Contacts and contact group changes made in BoldDesk can be pushed to your internal system.

BoldDesk API’s

You can change contact details in BoldDesk from your internal system.

BoldDesk Integrations and Webhooks

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