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Announcing the modern help desk software – BoldDesk public launch!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of BoldDesk, our new help-desk ticketing software. BoldDesk is cloud-based, modern ticketing software for managing support email, collaborating with teammates, automating repetitive tasks, and improving customer experience.

We have been internally using BoldDesk over the past months. All the support portals for our products (SyncfusionBold BIBold Reports, and BoldSign) are deployed using it. We will share more details about this product in upcoming blogs, but for now, here are some feature highlights:


Organize all support-related queries in one place and assign them to the appropriate agents. Also, customize support-creation forms, collaborate with your teammates, set up your SLA and business hours, and increase agent productivity.

Email-based ticketing

Convert all incoming customer support emails into tickets and respond to them via email.

Powerful automation

Automate ticket processing with no-code automation to create customized workflows that perform periodic tasks at each stage of the ticket life cycle. Auto-assign tickets to the appropriate agent, set response and resolution due dates based on business hours in the SLA, and create and update triggers to perform corrective actions on tickets.


Customize your support software to update the logo, login options, ticket layout preferences, and password policies in the agent portal. You can also customize and rebrand the customer portal using the customer portal settings.

Contact management

Manage contacts and contact groups to enhance customer interaction in order to provide better customer service. Tag contacts and contact groups based on their business, revenue, and other characteristics to filter them easily in the future.

Reports and analytics

Several pre-built reports and dashboards are available—useful for analytics and making informed decisions based on data.


Integrations such as Jira and Zapier allow you to integrate BoldDesk tickets with various apps and services in less time so as to induce workflow, execute actions with triggers, and help the support team stay updated on the progress of customer-reported issues.

BoldDesk APIs – With a flexible REST API, pull data and integrate it into your internal apps.

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