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BoldDesk + Dropbox Integration

Access files from Dropbox and attach them to tickets and knowledge base articles.

Intigration Drop box

Need for Dropbox integration

The integration of Dropbox enables agents to share different sized files with customers in tickets.

Need of Dropbox Integration
Attaching files to a ticket via Dropbox

Attaching Dropbox files to a ticket

Search for Dropbox files from your BoldDesk agent portal, view the contents, and attach the files to a ticket when adding replies to messages, private notes, and public notes.

Attaching Dropbox files to Knowledge Base

Import files from a Dropbox to knowledge base articles to easily share and distribute documents, videos, and other files with your users.
This will help users better understand your product or service and how to use it effectively.

Attaching Dropbox files to Knowledge Base

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