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Overview About Worklog Report

Updated on : September 7, 2022

A worklog report helps you to view all works logged in the tickets in one place. Using this report, you can gain an insight into the works logged by agents, billable time, and non-billable time.

The worklog report can be opened from the Reports module.

Worklog Report from the Report Module
Worklog Report from the Report Module

The worklog report consists of count-related statistics widgets and a detailed view.

Count-related Statistics Widget
Count-related Statistics Widget


Various filters available in this report are explained in the following:

BrandFilters data based on the selected brand.
Date RangeFilters data based on the selected date range on which the worklog is created.
Worklog DateFilters data based on the selected date range on which date the work is logged.
AgentFilters data based on an agent who has logged the work.
ContactFilters data based on a customer who requested the ticket for which the work is logged.
BillableFilters data based on  the time logged for the billable work
Ticket CategoryFilters data based on ticket category.
Contact GroupFilters data based on the contact group of customers associated with the ticket when work is logged to the ticket.
Worklog Report Filter
Worklog Report Filter

Actionable items

The worklog report supports the following two actions:

  • Adding a private note to a ticket
  • Adding tags to a ticket

To add a private note or tag, select a worklog entry and choose the appropriate action near the specific contact.

Use Case: Support managers/leads can quickly add a note or tag a ticket for further review by an agent, without opening a ticket.

Actionable Items on the Worklog Report

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