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Why My Emails are Not Converting into Tickets in BoldDesk

Published on : July 20, 2022

Several settings control the conversion of BoldDesk’s email to ticketing, so, if your emails are not converted to tickets, check the configurations listed in the following:

1. Ensure that the TO address of the email you sent is added to the BoldDesk support email address and the Ticket Creation settings are enabled. If you do not have access to view this, contact your portal administrator to confirm.



2. If you are using your own custom email address (other than BoldDesk emails), make sure whether the Email forwarding to BoldDesk is enabled properly to convert emails to tickets. Refer to this article to get more instructions on configuring Email Forwarding.


3. Check whether your emails are in the Suspended tickets list; for security reasons, the BoldDesk validates all incoming emails and marks them as suspended if they appear to be spam emails; the reasons for suspension can be found in this article. You can manually restore these emails to the ticket using the restore option, refer to this article for more information.



If you are still having issues and cannot figure out the reason for not converting your emails to tickets, please contact us via our Support portal or email at


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