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The Difference Between Private (Internal) and Public Categories

Updated on : October 12, 2022

The internal ticket category is classified into two types namely:

  • Public category – It is visible to both agents and end-users.
  • Private category – It is not visible to end-users and is only visible to agents in the agent portal. Agents can create tickets with private categories. When a ticket is created with the private category, the ticket visibility is automatically changed to private.

The table below contains the differences between private and public ticket categories.

DescriptionPrivate categoryPublic category
Category option value visibilityVisible only to agentsVisible to both agents and end-users
Can agents create tickets?YesYes
Can an end-user or customer create tickets?NoYes
Characteristics of categoryThe visibility of the tickets is automatically changed to private when a ticket is created using the private category. The private tickets are not listed in the customer portal. Hence, the end-user is unable to access those tickets.Visible in both agent and customer portals.

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