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How to upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan

Updated on : May 19, 2022

To update the subscription, follow the given steps.

  1. Go to the Admin page.
  2. Open the Billing and Subscription option.

  3. On the active subscription page, click the Change Plan option. The change plan dialog will be shown.

  4. Select the desired plan and click Continue to select billing cycle and agents.

  5. Select the billing cycle, update the needed agent seats, and then click Continue.

  6. In the summary section, kindly review the following details and then click the Update button.

    a. Subscription – This amount will be deducted from the next billing cycle for the subscription.
    b. Total due today – This is the prorated amount for the subscription updates for the remaining period of the current cycle which will be deducted immediately.
    c. Payment card – Today’s due amount will be deducted with this card.


  • Plan, agent downgrades, and billing cycle changes will be reflected in the next billing date.
  • If the subscription plan or agent is upgraded and the today due payment is authorized, the subscription change will come effective immediately.

  • If the subscription plan or the agent is downgraded, or the billing cycle changes, it will be reflected in the next billing date.

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