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How to Share a Ticket

Updated on : November 18, 2022

The share ticket feature allows tickets to be shared and accessible to an agent or group. Using this feature collaboration with cross-departmental teams can be done. When you share a ticket with a specific agent or group, that agent or group gains full access to that ticket, even if their access was restricted due to the brand access restriction or has a restricted group ticket access scope.

Consider a ticket created for the accounts team that requires the intervention of the HR team, as an example. This feature helps the accounts team member to share a ticket with the HR team, even if the HR team  have no access to the ticket. Using this multiple internal teams can collaborate and resolve issues faster.

Note: The share ticket feature is only available in the Agent Portal. It can be used only by Agents, not by customers.


  1. Tickets can be shared or unshared with agent or group only, not with customers.
  2. Share ticket feature is not applicable for Starter plan.
  3. Tickets cannot be shared with more than 25 agents or groups (i.e., irrespective of agent’s count in a group. For example, if a group contains 30 agents it is counted as one)
Sharing ticket video

How to share a ticket

You can share a ticket with an agent or group by using the following steps:

  1. Open the details page of the ticket which needs to be shared.
  2. Click the Shared button to share the ticket with the agent or group.
  1. Select the agent or group you need to share the ticket with in the Share Ticket dialogue.
    Note: You can search both agents using the name or email and group.
  1. After sharing the ticket, the agent or group name is listed in the Share Ticket dialogue along with history logging. A successful toast message will be shown as follows:
  1. Email notifications are also sent to users who tickets are shared to.

How to unshare a ticket

You can stop sharing a ticket with an agent or group by using the following steps:

  1. Click the Shared button from the ticket details page.
  2. If you want to stop sharing the ticket with a certain group or agent,  click on the share ticket icon in the respective ticket.
  3. Click the highlighted remove icon, near the agent or group name to stop sharing the ticket.
  1. After removing the agent or group name, those names will not be listed in the Share Ticket dialogue along with history logging. A toast message is shown as follows:
  1. Email notification is also sent to users whose tickets are unshared.

How to Filter Shared Tickets

In the ticket list page there are two predefined views, namely:

Tickets Shared With Me
Tickets Shared With My Group

Note: Shared Tickets are not listed in any other views nor appear in global search results apart from the above mentioned views.

In the ticket advanced filter, the following filters are available for Shared Tickets:

Shared with Agent
Shared with Group

Home Page
In the Home page,  the following two tabs  help in filtering out shared tickets:
Shared with me
Shared with my Groups

Access Permissions

For accessing the Share ticket feature, an agent should have the Share Ticket permission assigned to his or her role. Refer to this article to know more about Roles and permission.

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