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How to Create a Private or Internal Ticket Category

Updated on : October 12, 2022

Categories can be marked as private or internal. If a category is marked as private, it will not be visible in the customer portal, only agents can view those categories in the agent portal. The private tickets can be created for private categories which is helpful when maintaining the internal tickets with categorization. You can change the category to public or private at any time.

Like the read-only option, you can set the category field option to private. The following are the consequences when you mark a category as private:

  • It will no longer be visible in the customer portal, so, the customers cannot create tickets, but the agents can create tickets.
  • The visibility of all the existing tickets associated with the private category will be changed to private automatically. Customers cannot access the private tickets.
  • If you try to change the category back to the public, the existing tickets marked as private will not be reverted. It must be changed manually.

To set a private category, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the Ticket fields module and select the Category field.
Category Tab
Category Tab
  1. To set the private category, select the checkbox in the private column to open a confirmation dialog box.
Checkbox in the Private Column
Checkbox in the Private Column
  1. Click the Yes button to mark the category as private.
Mark Category as Private Dialog
Mark Category as Private Dialog

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