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How to Handle Suspended Email

Updated on : August 29, 2022

For each incoming email of your support inbox, a new ticket will be created or reply will be added to the existing ticket. Spam detector scans the incoming email by applying a set of spam filters to improve the security and decide either create a ticket or move to suspended emails or reject completely. To find about email suspension reason, click here.

You can view and manage the suspended emails under the Suspended Emails filter.

View suspended email

Follow the given steps to view the suspended email,

  1. Click Tickets on the left menu in the agent portal.
  2. Choose the Suspended Emails filter to view all suspended emails.
Suspended Email View
Suspended Email View


Recover the suspended email

The suspended email can be reviewed further and can be restored if it is found valid.

Follow the given steps to manage the suspended tickets,

  1. Click the More Options icon near the email you want to review from the suspended email list and choose View Message.
Suspension Date View
Suspension Date View

The following popup window will be shown with details of emails and failure reasons.

Suspended Email Dialog
Suspended Email Dialog
  1. Review message and find whether the email is valid or not. If it is valid, click the Recover option to recover an email and create as a ticket.

Now, the ticket will be listed in both the agent and customer portals.

Delete the suspended email

You can permanently remove the email by clicking the Delete button. The deleted email cannot be recovered.

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