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Creating or Using Canned Responses/Saved Replies Templates in Ticket

Updated on : April 25, 2022

Canned responses are a pre-written set of response templates or messages for the frequently asked questions in the support tickets. Agents can create/use the canned responses.

For using an existing canned response while replying to a ticket, follow the given steps:

1. Open a ticket and click Reply.
2. Click the Use Canned Response link as shown in the following image. The dialog box appears.
3. Search by title or select from the list of existing canned responses.

4. You can preview a canned response template using the Preview option.

5. Click Insert for inserting the canned response in the message.

Creating a new canned response

For creating a new canned response, follow the steps:

1. Open any ticket and click Reply.
2. Click the Use Canned Response link as shown in the below image. The dialog box appears.
3. Select the Manage option for creating/managing new responses. Alternatively, you can open this URL to open the Manage Canned Response page – /agent/tickets/canned-responses

After clicking the Manage option, the Canned Responses page appears. Here, you can create/add/edit the canned responses.

To create a new canned response, click the Add Canned Response button. The Add Canned Responses page appears.

Fill in the title and description and save the canned response.

Note: Admins have permission to create public canned responses visible to everyone. Others can create the private canned responses visible to only who created it.

While adding a description for a canned response, an Insert Placeholders option is available. The inserted placeholder will be resolved automatically when using canned response in tickets message. For most tickets, contact and contact groups are available as placeholders.

For inserting a placeholder,

1. Click Insert Placeholders, the dialog box appears.
2. Place a mouse cursor in the description where you want to insert.
3. Select and click the required placeholders to insert at the appropriate position in the description.

In the above screenshot, two placeholders are used in the content,


While using these canned responses in the ticket, the actual requester and agent name will be replaced dynamically.

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