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How to Automatically Associate a Contact Group to contact

Updated on : September 1, 2022

Contacts association to the contact group can be automated by filling the domain field in the contact group. Each domain is mapped to its specific contact group. The contact can be automatically added to the respective contact group, if the email domain of the user is matched with any of the contact group mapped domain. This happens whenever a contact is created via direct sign-up by the user, email, or through API.

Multiple domains can be mapped to a contact group. For example, In the screenshot below, three email domains are mapped to a contact group named “Syncfusion”. If any new contact is created and the user email domains end with “”, “” or “” then the contact is added to the “Syncfusion” contact group automatically.


1. The contact groups can be automatically mapped only after the contact email is verified. Unverified contacts cannot be auto-mapped to the contact group.
2. Auto mapping works only for new users. This will not take effect on any existing users if a contact group is edited and a new domain is added/edited.

Create Contact Group Details
Create Contact Group Details

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