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Getting started

Everything you need to get started with BoldDesk. From creating an account to configuring and setting it up to getting started.

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Working with Tickets

Learn about ticket views, filters, ticket actions, replying to tickets, notes, insights, and activity history.

34 Articles

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Working with Knowledge Base

Learn how to create and manage the knowledge base articles.

21 Articles

Contact & Contact Groups icon
Contact & Contact Groups

Learn how to organize contacts and contact groups to provide better customer service.

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Email & Configuration

Configure custom emails and email templates and manage email notifications.

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Productivity Tips & Tricks

Following these tips and tricks will increase customer service productivity and improve customer experience.

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Automate repeating tasks and save time using auto-assignments, event triggers, time triggers, and SLAs.

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Rest APIs & Webhooks

Get started with BoldDesk Rest APIs and webhooks to integrate with any external systems.

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Administration & Configuration

Configure ticket fields and forms, SLAs, CSAT surveys, customer portals, auto-assignments, and general settings.

47 Articles

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Integrate with your favorite tools and apps to simplify your workflow.

10 Articles

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Analytics & Reports

Analyze your data with reports and dashboards.

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Troubleshooting Guides

Find quick solutions to common issues.

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Billing & Subscription

Manage your accounts, subscriptions, invoices, and payments.

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Product Updates

Check out the latest features for the BoldDesk.

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