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Ticket Priority

Updated on : October 12, 2022

Ticket priority is the default field in the ticket form, and it helps agents in resolving tickets based on the priority.  Priority is system defined. A new priority cannot be added, and the existing ones cannot be deleted. Priority fields are only visible in the agent portal and is available for use only by agents, in the customer portal the priority field is not shown.

Priority plays a major role in defining the SLA Policies. Based on the priority response and resolution time, of the SLA can be defined.

The following is the list of priorities:

LowYou can create a ticket with a Low priority for minor issues.
NormalWhen the issue is important but not critical, you can create a ticket with a Normal priority.
HighYou can create a ticket with a High priority for a major issue.
CriticalYou can create a ticket with a Critical priority for a breaking issue.

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