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Splitting a Customer Reply to a New Ticket

Updated on : April 25, 2022

Sometimes a customer’s reply may have multiple queries. So, agents may use the “Split Ticket” feature to create a new ticket from the reply quickly. This option is available in replies added by the requester or any other contact. Agent replies cannot be split into a new ticket.

To split a reply and create a new ticket, click the Split Ticket icon near the customer reply, as shown in the screenshot.

After clicking the Split Ticket icon, the dialog appears as shown below.

Enter the subject and description, and modify the assignee if needed. The rest of the fields will be inherited from the current ticket, and an email notification will be sent to the requester.

When splitting the tickets, options are available to link the tickets.

After splitting the tickets, the ticket’s history will be logged for both tickets.

Note: To split a customer’s reply, an agent should enable the Reply ticket via the agent portal checkbox.

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