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How to Set Up Holiday List for Your Organization

Updated on : October 12, 2022


A holiday list helps to add non-working days to your organization. These holidays will be excluded when calculating the ticket response and resolution due. The holiday list will be associated with business hours and used with SLA and ticket automations. You can create multiple holiday lists.

Create a holiday list hour

Follow the given steps to create a holiday list,

  1. Select the Admin module in the left menu.
  2. Choose Holiday Lists from the Work Schedule menu.
  3. Click Add Holiday List on the top palette. The following screen will be shown,
Add Holiday List Option
Add Holiday List Option

4. Enter the Name for a holiday list.

5. Add each holiday with its Name, Start Date, and End Date.

6. After all holidays are added, click the Create button.

Add Holiday
Add Holiday

After the successful creation, the confirmation message will be shown and redirected to the listing page.

Holiday List
Holiday List

7. Use the Edit icon to modify the holiday list.

8. Use the Delete icon to remove the holiday list.

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