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Marking ticket as Spam

Updated on : March 14, 2022

To keep a ticket as spam,

1. Open a ticket.
2. Select the Mark as spam option. The dialog box appears.

3. Select the Block associated contact checkbox while marking a ticket as spam. By selecting this option, you will block the current ticket requester.

When you mark a ticket as spam, the following actions will happen:

  • The corresponding requester of the ticket will be blocked and unable to create a new ticket or access the existing tickets, if the Block associated contact option is selected.
  • All current and future tickets from the blocked contact will be marked as spam.
  • The spam ticket can be restored within 30 days.
  • The ticket will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

You can restore a spam ticket using the Remove from spam option.

Note: The contact which is blocked during spam will not be unblocked. To unblock the contact, you should do it manually using the unblock contact option through the Contact module.

You can delete the ticket permanently using the Delete Forever option.

Also, the spam tickets can be managed using the Spam Tickets Views from the ticket list page. Restore and delete action can be performed from here.

To mark a ticket as spam, an agent should enable the “Manage ticket spam” permission. Additionally, the agent should set “Ticket Access Scope” to “Global.”

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